PLDT MyDSL’s Wifi-Enabled Metro Manila Launch at Republiq

Daiana Menezes

When in Manila, party hard in Republiq, Resorts World and update your status message – share what you are drinking or take a pic of who you are partying with –  through PDLT MyDSL.


PLDT MyDSL’s Holiday Gift for its subscribers is a wifi-enabled Metro Manila. From December 1, 2011 to January 15, 2011, PLDT Landline and MyDSL subscribers can enjoy FREE and unlimited WiFi access in over 2,000 hot spots in Metro Manila that has upgraded to the ultra fast PLDT WIFI Zone.


To officially launch this awesome gift, PLDT threw a big party in Republiq, Resorts World last Saturday, December 15th. We had too much fun that words, status messages and tweets are not enough to describe the party. Let the pictures do the sharing.

So who were at the party?

Daiana Menezes

 Daiana Menezes at the PLDT MyDSL booth in Republiq

PLDT myDSLs Gary Dujali Ma. Myla C. Villanueva Janice Lag

PLDT MyDSL’s Gary Dujali, Ma. Myla Villanueva, Janice Lag with Andrew Wolff and friends


PLDT MyDSL’s Executives with Anton Del Rosario, Andrew Wolff, Rovilson Hernandez, Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles

Rovilzon Hernandez and Will Devaughn

Rovilzon Hernandez and Will Devaughn

Sam Lewis and Marc Nelson

Sam Lewis and Marc Nelson

Who were spinning the disc?

DJ Marc Naval


NBKs DJ Marc Naval Rebupliqs Roldan CapitoDJ Anthony San

NBK’s DJ Marc Naval with Rebupliq’s Roldan Capito, DJ Anthony San

And of course, I and my friends were there to party too!




When In Manila,  get connected as PLDT MyDSL Offers Free Unlimited Wifi Access in so many hot spots around the metro!

Read this related post on how you can register and claim your gift.

 PLDT MyDSL’s Wifi-Enabled Metro Manila Launch at Republiq