Pinoy-made Tricycle Can Travel on Land and Water

Pinoy-made Tricycle Can Travel on Land and Water

A few days back, motoring magazine Top Gear Philippines, posted a video on their YouTube channel that shows an amazing Pinoy automotive creation called the “Salamander.” This vehicle is a tricycle that comes with a very unique feature. Aside from traveling on land, this tricycle is equipped with the capability to travel on water.

Check out the video below and be amazed of this Pinoy automotive innovation.


The Salamander, which is also dubbed as the amphibious tricycle, is a product of H20 Technologies. Atoy Llave and Lamberto Armada discussed and had a quick demo on the video what the vehicle can do. Armada said, the amphibious tricycle can “travel land to water, you just need to switch a lever.”

The Salamander is available in two variants – an electric with 5kW engine and an inter-combustion 250cc engine.

The vehicle is double hull for safety purposes. This means that in case it encounters an accident on water and water comes in, there is a pump that will pump out the water. Additionally, it is compartmentalized, so that it won’t easily sink.

According to Llave, they created the Salamander to show the world that Pinoys can make this kind of innovation. He said, “Gusto mong ipakita na kaya nating mga Pilipino. Kasi sometimes, every time kapag sinabi mong gawang Pinoy, ay wala yan. Or something like, ah gawang Pinoy, may mas maganda dyan sa abroad.”

(Rough translation: (We) want to show that we can do it as Filipinos. Because sometimes, every time you say it is Pinoy-made, it’s just nothing. Or something like, ah Pinoy-made, there’s something abroad similar to that, which is better.)

According to Top Gear Philippines’ interview with H20 Technologies, Llave mentioned that the Salamander is still a concept for now so there is still no pricing for it. Llave added that they intend to keep the price around PhP 250,000 to PhP 280,000 for the private sector.

Although the Salamander will soon be rolled out, H20 Technologies aim to make it available to local government units first since it can be used for rescue operations when there is flooding.

What do you think of the Salamander?

Do you think it will be a success locally? Does it have a shot in the international automotive scene?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Top Gear Philippines

Pinoy-made Tricycle Can Travel on Land and Water

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