Pia Wurtzbach Shares Worst Twitter Experience, Hopes Threads App Will Stay “Troll-Free”

With everyone jumping on the bandwagon of joining Meta’s newest social media platform to rival Twitter, called Threads, beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach expressed hope that the mobile app will be a much kinder and safer space.

“Finally a space where we can write down our thoughts and not get death threats for having an opinion,” she wrote in a post. “Hopefully Meta can keep this app troll-free!”

pia wurtzbach

She then went on to share her “worst Twitter experience” which was when she received so much backlash for airing her thoughts on the Anti-Terror Bill which dominated headlines in 2020.

“Okay, story time! Share your worst Twitter experience. I’ll go first – getting hate tweets literally every 30 seconds in 2020 when I voiced out my opinion on the Anti-Terror Bill. I remember not even shading the govt or the president, I just tweeted a hashtag and got so much hate. One of the worst was “sasaksan ko ng tubo p*ke mo, bobo ka walang alam.” I had to uninstall the app for a week to avoid checking the mentions,” she said.

She also shared her story of being stalked by a hater who allegedly went out of their way to harass her constantly.

“I also remember being stalked & ridiculed by a certain account for YEARS,” she expressed. “And regularly too. This person was reading into every single post, comment, video I was doing on every platform, including all my family & close friends. They would also message the endorsements & brands I work with to destroy me with made up narratives. It was wild!”

She revealed that despite reporting the said account on Twitter, the website never acted on it. “I reported many MANY times with clear evidence but Twitter did nothing. It was clearly slander & abusive behavior. I had to sit there & take it for years,” she said.

pia wurtzbach threads

pia wurtzbach threads

Meanwhile, she seems to be enjoying the first few days of Threads and has been posting memes and interacting with fans on the platform.

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What are your thoughts on Threads? Do you have a terrible or memorable experience with Twitter that you’d like to share too? Sound off in the comments!

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