Pia Wurtzbach Reacts to Questions About When She Plans to Have a Baby: “I find these questions so personal”

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach did a casual Q&A on her Instagram page recently where she received various questions on relationships, getting married, and—to the beauty queen’s surprise—babies.

“Since I missed you guys, let’s do this! Ask me a question,” she wrote on the social media platform. One of the most common questions she received was about having a baby, which she single-handedly addressed.

Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey

Photo: @piawurtzbach Instagram

“When are you planning to have a baby?” a netizen posted.

Pia chose to address this question first as she kept getting asked about it. She said, “Honestly, I find these questions so personal. I wonder why this is considered a normal thing to ask though? First it was ‘Kelan ka mag-aasawa?’ [When are you getting married?]. Now it’s constantly, ‘Kelan kayo magkakaanak?’ [When are you having kids?].”

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Pia Wurtzbach Instagram story pregnancy

Photo: @piawurtzbach Instagram Story

Pia and Jeremy got married in March of 2023. As a newlywed, Pia enthusiastically shared advice about marriage and engagement preparations. “How’s married life so far? What engaged couples should prepare for in advance?” another netizen asked.

Her first tip was to “talk about everything.” Pia said that she’d usually hear about couples who refuse to discuss personal matters before getting married. She emphasized the importance of finances in relationships, encouraging her followers to talk about it openly, including debt, savings, and investments.

Pia Wurtzbach Instagram story marriage

Photo: @piawurtzbach Instagram Story

The 33-year-old also mentioned gender-based roles in the relationship. “Does the guy expect the woman to stay home? Does the woman expect the man to be a breadwinner?” she underscored.

Another thing she said she noticed that’s important in marriage is the way couples comfort each other. She wrote, “Do I give you space? Do you want comfort or advice? Those are two completely different things.”

Other factors she pointed out are non-negotiables, dealing with in-laws or extended families, communication style, and love languages.

“I AM NO RELATIONSHIP EXPERT but from what I’ve gathered by talking and listening to friends, these are JUST SOME important topics to discuss,” she concluded.

In May 2023, Pia revealed her marriage on Instagram, sharing snaps of her wedding held on a private island in Seychelles.

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