Apparently, Philippine Customs are Confiscating “Grown-Up Toys”?

Before anything else, I’d like to point out that due to certain restrictions, we have to write things in PG-13; so we’ll be referring to the toys in question in different names in the article. Let’s go…

It is no secret that the customs office in the Philippines can sometimes come with a bunch of headaches. From overpriced package pickup charges to lost packages, many people have complained about our customs system in the past. Earlier today, tech vlogger Isa Rodriguez of Isa Does Tech shared her story of how her package of ‘grown up toys’ were recently confiscated because they apparently can’t be shipped to the Philippines. “So much for removing the stigma against women and their sexuality,” she says.

Isa explains that she was going to shoot a video on women’s sexual health and talk about how female sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. This involved unboxing a package from a sexual health company which tries to convey the same message.

She shares: “After longstanding issues with PH customs (which involved another issue about another one of my packages which will lead me to miss an embargo- but that’s another story altogether), I get this email. And get this, PH CUSTOMS IS NOW CONFISCATING MY ‘TOYS’.

See her full post here:

According to the email, her shipment was examined and when they found that it contained ‘shaking potoytoys’, they pointed out that the shipment has been seized since the toys are not allowed to be imported into the country. They added that the shipper has also been contacted to inform them that the shipment has been confiscated by PH customs.

While we personally haven’t tried ordering ‘pleasure devices’ on the Internet, this seems like a strange rule to have since people are able to order these items through various online stores, like Shopee and Lazada. ‘Fun toy’ stores are also open in the Philippines should anyone want to release their frustrations in certain ways.

That aside, some people have asked why they didn’t return the shipment to the shipper if the ‘special devices’ weren’t allowed in the country. What if Isa had spent money on it? Why couldn’t she get a refund for the items if ever?

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