Philippine Congress Is Currently Holding An Online Poll About Same-Sex Unions

Seemingly out of the nowhere, the Philippine Congress decided to hold online voting on the topic of same-sex unions. The poll was put up with little fanfare and explanation, the attention its getting is mainly due to word of mouth online. It simply asks whether you are in favor of or against legalizing same-sex unions as a civil partnership in the Philippines.

Same Sex Union Poll

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Polls such as this are typically used by legislators when discerning the possible pros and cons of a bill. Voting results may be used as data to test the reception of the public, or it could also be used as the backing of a bill. This is why it is actually highly important that those who have an opinion take the opportunity to express it.

To submit your vote simply visit the Philippine Congress’ website, scroll down the site until you see the poll, and choose the corresponding option.

What’s your stand on same-sex unions in the Philippines?