Petron Lakbay Alalay Volunteer Program Kick Off Launch hosted by Grace Lee




When In Manila, it’s good to know that some of the biggest and most well trusted brands are still out there trying to give back to the communities.


I was particularly impressed when I attended the launch / kickoff event of Petron for their Lakbay Alalay campaign!





It’s a great program aimed at volunteering to spread knowledge and education, to spread goodwill and help, and just to pay it forward. There’s actually a lot of aspects to this year’s Petron Lakbay Alalay program as it seems to keep growing stronger and bigger every year.


The Petron Lakbay Alalay Kick Off Launch was hosted by potential First Lady: Grace Lee






If you can, why not lend a helping hand as well!


Way to go Petron for leading the way! Below is more information about the Petron Lakbay Alalay events.






Lakbay Alalay, Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe



Lakbayis a term for long travel and Alalay is a term for a helping hand – Petron Lakbay Alalay: Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe.  In line with Petron Corporation’s mission to be the leading provider of total customer solutions in the energy sector, the company is proud to announce the “Lakbay Alalay- Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe” campaign.






Petron Corporation, in cooperation with Creativeworx Inc. brings you this event, which boasts its full-blown campaign.


In order to do this, we would like to present the activities for this year’s Lakbay Alalay, Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe:



1. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Tahanan – A volunteerism campaign wherein speakers from Petron representatives will be giving a talk in different barangays about safety when it comes to their LPG’s. Petron will also be offering free Gasul leak check, and a meet and greet with the company’s PBA team—Petron Blaze Boosters.


2. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Kaligtasan – A volunteerism program where Petron will be offering free safety check in different Petron service stations, and also for the Holy Week—free towing services and road side assistance in Petron NLEX, SLEX and Startoll stations.


3. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Tourismo – Petron wants to promote the provinces here in the Philippines by tying up with the Department of Tourism.


4. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Masayang Pagdiriwang – In line with the tourism efforts, Petron is providing a poster wherein different fiestas in the country is showcased with their respective dates.


5. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Kaalaman – A back to school campaign where Petron will be giving out items such as: school bag, pencil cases that can be won by accumulating points.


6. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Kalikasan – Petron will have a Tree Planting activity in Luzon, Visayas and Mindano. Also a Fun Run in Ortigas Ave. to boost the awareness of clean air in our country.


7. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Kalusugan- Petron in partnership with Red Cross will be providing free medical assistance in NLEX, SLEX and Startoll Petron stations during the holy week (April 5-9).


8. Lakbay Alalay Biyahe Para Sa Kabuhayan- As a part of the campaign, Petron also extends its reach to those who are looking for jobs or a business by hosting a job fair and a kabuhayan fair.





Petron Lakbay Alalay, Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe aims to generate the feeling of “companionship” and “unity” between Filipinos and Petron not just in this season but throughout the lives of every Filipino.. In this regard, we would like to invite you for the launching of Labay Alalay, Kasama Mo Sa Biyahe event.


If you need more info or if you want to connect with Petron, try to check them out here – and 




Petron Lakbay Alalay Volunteer Program Kick Off Launch hosted by Grace Lee

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