PETA : “Your Story Takes Centerstage” Summer Theater Workshop




When in Manila, experience life in the four corners of the stage as the Philippine Educational Theater Association (also known as PETA) opens its doors for theatre enthusiasts, amateurs, passionate actors and just about anyone who wants to have a fun and productive summer! From kids to even those in their golden age, PETA has something in stored for everyone!






For the Kids: Children’s Theater 1 (ages 6-9) and Children’s Theater 2 (9-12)

Children have special abilities – to dream and believe in those dreams. PETA wants to draw out every child’s hidden talent and mold them into passion in enjoyable yet dynamic workshops that will make them want to sing, dance, act, draw and even tell their own story! Who knows, the next Juan Luna, Ricky Lee or Lisa Macuja might be discovered this summer! And even though that may sound intimidating, PETA promises that it won’t be some sort of military training but rather two months of fun and excitement. They try to adjust to the children’s needs and immerse them into what they excel in or are interested to do the most. And they do it all while playing games! As the facilitators say “Fun muna…“, they look at what the kid is most active in and then start to build that interest from there. When the child has enough confidence, they put variety on their lessons and get the child to participate more from then on since they finally boosted the shy kids’ self esteem and amplified the active kids’ kakulitan level.





 “Teen Theater: Batch 2009”


For Teens: Teen Theater (Ages 13 – 16) and Theater Arts (Ages 17 and above)

Jocks. Wall Flowers. Nerds. Geeks. Socialites. High school stereotypes and late bloomers’ shyness are banished slowly in every workshop as the participants find their true selves with no restrictions from these labels. Although reenacting High School Musical may be a dream for some, PETA goes beyond acting and started breaking barriers since its opening. Life long friends and unbreakable bonds are what most PETA babies get after the program. Disregarding everything else and being like 5 year old children who plays together just because it’s lonely to be alone. Teen Theater not only gets teens and tweens ready to become stage actor but also becomes a good transition and foundation in understanding one’s self before turning 18. 



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