PETA’S Theatre Tour and Workshop: A Great Summer Program for Young and Old

This summer, take center stage! The Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), one of the pioneer theatre groups in the country, invites everyone young and old to try out their summer workshop this year, which starts on April 4, 2016.


The PETA Summer Program is a series of acting workshops for children, teens, adults. Just this year, they are adding our dear senior citizens to the roster to join in the fun. What differentiates the previous years from this one is that PETA will be adding special courses that will hopefully open up new growth opportunities for theatre performing aspirants and artists. Some of the summer courses include basic acting, theatre arts, creative musical theatre and the newest additions –  theatre arts for seniors and visual arts.


PETA invited bloggers and writers to try out their workshop and tour PETA’s home theatre in Quezon City. The tour was led by young veteran actor John Moran while children’s musical theatre teacher Ada Marie Tayao took over afterwards.

PETA was founded by Cecille Guidote – Alvarez in 1967 who wanted to create a theatre “for the Filipinos, by the Filipinos”. PETA is a reflection of the Philippine society and culture as it roots and promotes Filipino values and pride. Through the years, PETA has staged and produced over 400 plays, including originals, adaptations and translations; adding a Filipino twist to spruce up productions.


Pictured above is the PETA-Phinma Theater known for a “black box space”. Formed as similar as a shape of a box where productions are conducted right in the middle, this type of space reflects the nonconventional and exploratory spirit of PETA. The stage is set for “Three Stars and a Sun”, a futuristic tale of the Philippines enclosed in a dome in 2096, featuring the songs of the late Filipino master rapper, Francis M.

After the tour was the workshop. The workshop begun with an ice breaker. Ice breakers are considered very important to break the eerie awkwardness between the teacher and (amongst) students. Once the temperature goes warm, this is where the fun begins. There will be physical activity to get your body up and moving as well. The workshop activities in this trial depicted of the ones seen in children’s theatre. We were running around the room and got to learn more of our bodies and ourselves. With a game of charades, bahay-tao-bagyo and leron leron sinta, the childhood of my co-writers and I were revived and reminisced.



Thanks to PETA for the free ticket to watch the 3pm show of 3 Stars and a Sun! It was actually my third time to watch a PETA play (I watched “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” and “Rak of Aegis” last year), so I was certain Three Stars and a Sun wouldn’t disappoint.


Set in the late 21st century where the Philippines is enclosed in The Stormdome, a hostile rebel group called “Tropang Gising” clashes with the rich and posh elite group Luminos that brainwash the citizens of impoverished Diliman for labor purposes. Soon the two groups discover that there are more conflicts yet to resolve inside the dome more than their class differences and petty misunderstandings.  3 Stars and a Sun offers a dystopian outlook of what a future the Philippines may face if not cared for properly starting today.


3 Stars and a Sun was written by Mixcaela Villalon and Rody Vera under the direction of Nor Domingo, featuring actors Raffy Tejada, Che Ramos-Cosio and Gab Valenciano to name a few.



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