Where to Buy Pretty Magnetic Eyelashes in the Philippines

In today’s new normal where people are wearing face masks everywhere we go, it has become quite hard for beauty and makeup aficionados to stand out in the crowd. Since our eyes are practically the only things on our faces that people get to see nowadays, why not take the opportunity to doll them up with the right products? One way to do this would be through pretty magnetic eyelashes from Perfect Lash.

Perfect Lash Magnetic Eyelashes Philippines

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What are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Unlike the typical falsies that require you to apply glue and wait for a few minutes to see if you did it right, magnetic lashes are easy to apply and reapply, even for beginners.

How to Use Magnetic Eyelashes

  1. Apply the magnetic liner and wait for it to dry.
  2. Apply the eyelashes. They will instantly stick to the liner, and you can adjust it without having to reapply the liner. That’s it!

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Perfect Lash was founded by Nukita Cornejo who herself struggled to find an effortless way to apply lashes. When she found out that many people were struggling with the same problem and that there was a gap in the market, she decided to start this brand to help everyone out.

“I truly believe that makeup should be simple,” Nukita stresses. “Having beautiful lashes shouldn’t be complicated or expensive, and they should be made accessible to anyone and everyone.”

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During a time when other beauty products have taken a backseat being covered up by masks, Perfect Lash is fortunate enough to still be relevant. In fact, more people are using lashes now more than ever. As a form of “mask makeup”, it is a way to still look glam despite the circumstances.

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Perfect Lash prides itself on their product quality. Their lashes do not feel anything like plastic and can last up to 40 uses (if not more!). Thanks to the new 6-micromagnets, they provide an easier, comfier, and stronger lash hold.

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Magnetic Eyelashes vs. Regular False Lashes: What is the Difference?

  • Thanks to multiple uses and zero need for glue, you will save time and money with magnetic eyelashes.
  • Magnetic lashes are easy to adjust, apply, and reapply. If you don’t perfect your first application with regular falsies you will have to apply the liner and glue all over again.
  • Perfect Lash’s lashes are made from cruelty-free Korean faux-mink. They do not use synthetic material or real mink.

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Magnetic Lashes vs. Lash Extensions: Which is Better?

  • Magnetic lashes are super low maintenance. You don’t have to be careful with them 24/7. With extensions, plucking or rubbing your eyes can damage them.
  • You can get Perfect Lash lashes wherever and whenever you might need them. No need to make an appointment!
  • You can change your lash style around as you please – and in mere seconds, too. Go from natural everyday lashes to more dramatic lashes for date nights, events, and other special occasions.

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Perfect Lash Magnetic Eyelashes Philippines 5

Photo from Perfect Lash

Perfect Lash currently has seven designs for you to choose from – from natural lashes to glam lashes and others in-between – and they also have some pretty eye shimmer to complement them perfectly.

Their eye shimmer is a long-wearing sparkly eye shadow that combines the perfect mix of shimmer and glitter. Uniquely lightweight, it glides on effortlessly and dries down smoothly, locking in maximum sparkle and glitter. As they put it, it’s pretty much like Stila Liquid Metals, but on a budget. Order their eyeshimmer here now!

If you are looking for a way to stand out within the current masked society, Perfect Lash would be a great way to do so!

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