The Perfect Gifts to Give Anyone in Your Barkada

Struggling to find the perfect gifts for your barkada? I know I am. Or at least I was. As I was eating a bag of M&M’s recently, I started paying more attention to the different colors of each chocolate and after playing around with them in my head, I ended up relating each one of them to someone in my barkada and their personalities. Soon after that, I came up with this list.

So, whether you are looking for something simple, small and yet sweet to give for your Secret Santa exchange gifts (aka Monito Monita) or just want to make sure that your friends receive something that they will definitely love this Christmas, we’ve now got you covered. Here are the perfect gifts to give anyone in your barkada, depending on their M&M personalities.



The Perfect Gifts to Give Anyone in Your Barkada

What to Give the Yellow M&M in your Barkada, the “Mr Nice Guy”

Mr. Nice Guy is the one in your barkada who is easy to please. He eats anything. He doesn’t really make any decisions when you go out because he doesn’t really care where you go as long as you are all together. *awwww*.

The perfect gift to give him? A statement shirt.

Strings Manila Couple Shirts T Shirt Designs

Mr. Nice Guy will appreciate it if you get him something useful – and a shirt is one of those things. You can choose from fandom shirts and shirts with quotes on them or just choose something simple yet cool, like a shirt with his initial on it. Plus points if you add #SomethingYellow and sweet to the mix, like a tin can of yellow M&M’s. Not only will he get to eat something that he loves, but he’ll get to use the tin can for a long time in the future, too!

M&M's Something Yellow

What to Give the Blue M&M in your Barkada, the “Mr Suave”

Mr. Suave is the one in your barkada who can woo ladies with a single wink. He works out. He loves long drives. And his favorite pastime is just chilling and relaxing. He doesn’t like stressing about things (or ladies) too much and loves to just take it easy.

The perfect gift to give him? A pair of sunglasses.

M&M's Something Blue

Don’t worry. Not all sunglasses are expensive. As long as they’re functional, sturdy and trendy, Mr. Suave is sure to love them.


What to Give the Orange M&M in your Barkada, the “Mr Paranoid”

Mr. Paranoid is the one in your barkada who is always on edge. He doesn’t really trust anyone and doesn’t like to take risks. He’s usually the one who tells you to text him when you get him and will text you to ask if you made it home alright if you forget to.

The perfect gift to give him? A journal.

M&M's Something Orange

If there’s anyone who needs to relax, it’s Mr. Paranoid. Having a journal to jot down all of his plans for the day, the month and the year can help him relax and let loose a little bit. #SomethingOrange and sweet like M&M’s to munch on while planning the year ahead will definitely help him feel better, in general, too!


What to Give the Green M&M in your Barkada, the “Diva”

The Diva is the one in your barkada who always gets what she wants. She shops a lot. She always looks great. And she doesn’t care very much about what other people think. She’s the type of person who will tell you exactly what she thinks, regardless of who she might offend in the process.

The perfect gift to give her? The best makeup remover out there.

Biore Make-Up Remover (Swatches)

A lot of people give women makeup for Christmas, but dare to be different and give The Diva makeup remover instead. Trust us: she needs this and if you get her Biore wipes, she’ll keep thanking you for making makeup removal a million times easier and more convenient for her. You can also add #SomethingGreen like this M&M’s tin can, which she can later on use to fill up with makeup and other Diva-like goodies!

M&M's barkada


What to Give the Red M&M in your Barkada, the “Mr Know-It-All”

Mr. Know-It-All is the one in your barkada who always has an opinion about everything. He loves to talk. He loves to debate. And he always thinks he’s right (which, most of the time, he is).

The perfect gift to give him? A notebook.

best notebooks-23060 ph-wheninmanila (3)

A notebook can help Mr Know-It-All jot down the gazillion of thoughts that tend to go through his mind on a daily basis, but #SomethingRed in the form of M&M’s will help keep the positivity and creativity flowing, too.

M&M's Something Red


Still worried your barkada won’t like your gifts? We know how it feels to want to make sure your friends get something that they like this Christmas. Well, if you aren’t 100% sure they’ll like what you got them, then add a pack of M&M’s to your gift to make sure they have something to smile about.

The best thing about M&M’s is that it isn’t just delicious, it can also be given to practically anyone in your barkada and in your life, in general. Plus, it’s perfect for sharing – and isn’t that what the Christmas season is all about? 🙂