PBB Housemate force-evicted after Rape Joke

Pinoy Big Brother OTSO

“Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) housemate, Banjo Dangalan was reportedly eliminated after a large controversy about a joke he made, particularly, about rape.


The episode that aired on Tuesday, Dangalan was asked to leave the PBB house because of this incident.

WATCH: This is an episode clip of the events that transpired while Dangalan and the other PBB housemates were eating their breakfast.

In the video, it was crystal clear how he felt about one of his fellow housemates. He joked about Gino Roque IV and said, “Siguro masarap itong katabi sa pagtulog.” Also, he made a suggestion of switching beds with one of his other housemates where he added to his initial comment, “Pagsasamantalahan ko lang ito”, as he pointed directly to Roque.

While he was in the confession room of the house, he was reminded by Big Brother had already received several complaints about Dangalan, especially with his previous warning about sniffing the hair of his fellow housemates which made the others feel quite uncomfortable.

“Banjo, ang desisyong ito ay matagal kong pinagisipan. … Sa gitna ng iyong mga aksyon, alam ko na hindi ka masamang taoWala namang perpektong tao. Nawa’y gamitin mo ito bilang isang leksyon, at alam kong maiintindihan mo kung bakit kailangan ko itong gawin,” Kuya told Dangalan, who immediately broke down in tears right after Big brother made the announcement that he is expected to leave the house immediately.

(Translation: Banjo, I have thought about this for a long time. … Despite your actions, I know that you are not a bad person. Nobody’s perfect. I hope that you would use this as a lesson, and I know that you will understand why I had to do this.)

As Dangalan said his goodbye to the other contestants he spent a few days in the house with, the group rushed to his side to comfort him as he was crying. Dangalan also apologized to Gino Roque while hugging him, acknowledging his actions.

Some netizens also share their insights on the matter:

A few social media users couldn’t help but compare the situation to the President who has always been known for making jokes about rape.

Some users pointed out an iconic moment from an Dawn Chang, ex-PBB Housemate:

Also, watch what Dawn recently had to say regarding the matter:


What do you think about the forced eviction and the rape joke?