Paying with cash can be boring, here are five cool ways to pay

PayMaya 3

If you think payments can’t be sexy, think again. Imagine this – no more clunky coins, bulky wallets, or struggling to find loose change in your bag, pocket, or car compartment. Here are easier, safer, and more convenient ways to pay that will make you rethink bringing cash every day.

5. Virtual card

Online shopping, Netflix, and Spotify – these are probably a few of internet’s best gifts to mankind. Nowadays, shopping for shoes or watching your favorite series is as easy as tapping and swiping a few times on your phone. While these services used to be exclusive to credit card or debit card holders, apps like PayMaya are changing the game. It automatically gives you a virtual card number which you can use to shop online. All that’s left to do is load up your account and decide whether you want to buy those sexy red stilettos or those classy black pumps.

4. Physical card

Not everyone has access to a prepaid, debit or credit card. But for those who do, card payment is infinitely more convenient than cash. You don’t have to bother for change. You can quit counting bills to make sure you give or get the correct amount. You get card-exclusive perks and discounts. And most importantly, you can easily call up your card provider to deactivate it if it gets stolen. Payment is easy, simple, and safe, as it should be. PayMaya offers either a PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard physical prepaid card that you can link to your PayMaya app.

3. Contactless payments

Did you know that you can use your MasterCard contactless card, including your Smart MasterCard, at several tollways in the country? With Tap2Pay, breezing through NLEX, SCTEX, and CAVITEX is made even more hassle-free now that you can easily tap your Beep card or your Mastercard to pay for toll fees. No need for those clunky coins in your car now!

2. QR code

Gone are the days when QR codes were only used to add contacts to your phone, access games, or join promos as PayMaya QR is now being deployed nationwide. Now you can actually scan QR codes to pay for your purchases at restaurants, malls, and even foodparks! Not only would you look all cool and techie when you use this payment method, you also avoid being prone to card fraud and become a lot more efficient. Payment can literally be done in less than a minute – how awesome is that?

1. Facebook Messenger

Let’s face it. Facebook has gone and taken over our lives. When we are not browsing our newsfeed, we are probably in Messenger chatting with our friends. And Facebook just recently gave us more reason to visit *and get stuck* on their app. Now, you can send money, buy airtime load, and pay for your bills – all within Facebook Messenger.  Just chat up @PayMayaOfficial to access PayMaya In Messenger service. Think of all the time and energy you can save when it’s time to pitch in for your lunch or dinner bill!

You can experience all these cool new ways to pay with PayMaya. All you have to do is download the PayMaya app at the Google Play store or Apple AppStore, and register to get your virtual Mastercard or Visa card number. You can load up your account at the nearest 7-Eleven, TouchPay kiosks, SM Business Center, or Robinsons Department Store. Purchasing a physical Smart Mastercard or a PayMaya Visa card is also made easier as you can order online at and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.