Patty Tiu Cancels Sundaya Music Festival Performance Amid Cancer Battle

Patty Tiu is supposedly headlining the SunDaya Music Festival in Baganga, Davao Oriental. The rave party is part of the town’s tourism efforts where the DJ was invited to perform through its run from July 14 and 15. However, she failed to turn up due to health issues.


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“My friends… This isn’t a fever, a cold, a headache, or a sore body… It’s a long hard battle with cancer. On its 3rd stage,” she explained on social media. “And just because I carry it well, it doesn’t mean that it’s not heavy. I never pulled the ‘I am sick’ card and never denied accountability for shows I cannot play and responsibilities that demand my time. I will always do my best, and whatever it takes to SHOW UP.”

Furthermore, she apologized to the ticket buyers and attendees who came to see her before making a call to put the blame on her instead of the event, its organizers, and the venue–Jillux Beach Resort. She wrote, “Sundaya Festival in Davao Oriental, I’m deeply sorry that I won’t be able to join you and perform for you. I am asking very kindly to not blame the event, its organizers, or the venue. I understand that as a consumer, you may be frustrated because you expected two great nights from the lineup. So yes, you can blame it on me, because it is what it is – and I can take it. But this is my life, and I am still the pilot of this aircraft – and today, we are not cleared and we are not ready to take off.”

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Photo by Pogs Torres Francisco via Patty Tiu on Instagram

Patty has been battling esophageal cancer since 2011 but tried to steer clear from sharing these parts of her life with the public as much as possible. “I only choose what I want you to see beyond my career. Because I don’t want you to remember me this way,” she said. “But if it takes for me to remove another layer to show you my life off the stage to justify why I cannot take the flight or perform – then here it is.”

The artist even shared a photo of her situation on social media, where she is seen dealing with one of the symptoms of her disease–recurring bleeding.

“See you soon, somewhere. Somehow,” she concluded the post.

Back in January, we recall that Patty Tiu made her “final ascend” or her supposed final DJ performance.

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