End of an Era: Patty Tiu Is Retiring

Patty Tiu just revealed that she is retiring from her DJ career. Ahead of the announcement, Tiu is set to perform at the upcoming music festival at Circuit Makati, Howlers Manila, on January 21.

As we draw closer to the event, Tiu suddenly posted a heartfelt farewell letter. She began, “To my family and friends, to the strangers who have come together for the love of music, music where Deuce was born from and what made us who we are. As artists, as lovers, and as individuals. As all life grows and evolves, so do we. So I dedicate this manifesto to everyone who has been there since then until now.”


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One of the most sought-after performers in the Philippines, she reminisced about her humble beginnings. “I was a young outcast and found myself alone in an unfamiliar place. The music was blaring while the loudness of the sound spoke to my soul. The echoes of joy, and the sight of everyone around me with their hands up. The atmosphere was filled with the energy of togetherness,” she recalled. “And it was exactly at that moment I knew, this was where I wanted to be. I ran and walked this path, and at times when I had to crawl, I did. There weren’t any stars, or sight of the moon, there were only corners, my foot taps, and music.”

Fans know that DJ Patty Tiu-Thompson started out in the industry with Kat DJ as the first female DJ duo in the Philippines known as Deuce Manila. Later on, the two moved on to build their own individual careers in 2017.


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“Many bore witness as I took the journey towards self-discovery, exploring what I’m fully capable of and who I wanted to be. We lived with something that lingered and we fought for something beyond what our eyes could see,” she continued her statement. “And even though we touched darkness, and embraced it… It made us stronger. We welcomed and accepted who we are and it made it easier for us to learn to spread our wings and fly. The music we played together saved me every day and everyone else around me whom I deeply love.”

She also noted the most unforgettable experiences she had over the course of her career. “It took us to places, beyond our wildest dreams. We made unforgettable experiences with people from different dialects, languages, races, beliefs, cultures, and everything else in between,” she said. “We shared our vision with the ones before us while thriving in our mission of self-expression through music. All the while, we stayed true to ourselves and our sound.”

Then, she expressed her gratitude to everyone she met along the way and those who supported her throughout the years. “Strangers became friends. Friends we grew up with, became family. [The] family that helped us grow, and shape us to become who we are today. Every bit of memory of you and me will never fade away–no matter where we are heading, no matter what we’re going to do next, and no matter what we are trying to become, the music will always be playing,” she reassured.

“And as I end my journey of performing behind the DJ’s booth, and I answer another calling, I hope you never forget
our moments in time. Because we lived it. It’s inside us, and it will linger on forever. We have achieved so many great things together. A decade of my life dedicated to this was more than one could wish for,” Tiu hoped.

Finally, she concluded, “Thank you for riding in this journey with me from the beginning until the end, and thank you for keeping me alive. One for the road, behind the decks at THE FINAL ASCEND. YOU AND I, WE ARE ONE.”


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