Patty, Iya and Christian Choose to Switch and Save with Watsons Label Products

Let Patty, Iya and Christian clue you in on the latest with their lives along with some scrimp and splurge secrets. The three, who are all brand ambassadors for Watsons’ most successful campaign yet, Switch and Save, encourage you to switch to Watsons Label products and save up for your other expenditures.


Watsons Switch and Save


The Watsons Switch and Save Campaign, running since February 2012, promotes Watsons Label products that provide better value. By switching to Watsons Label, you get to save and still get high quality products. These stars, just like you, think about their purchases and choose to be practical while getting the value of their money spent.


The Super Mom-to-be: Patty Laurel

Host, Model, Teacher and Lifestyle Blogger Patty faces a new phase of her life: motherhood. With the big bundle of joy on its way to the world, the pretty soon-to-be-mom describes this period as an exciting time for her. Preparing for the day, she shares that she’s taking extra care of herself now. “I always have to think now that I have to take care of someone else.” Aside from being emotionally set, she also believes in the aspect of investing in the physical. She sure knows how to balance herself well.


Watsons Switch and Save


Scrimp: “I take pride in being practical. It’s not like I’m downgrading, I still have the quality even if it’s cheaper. There’s no excuse now to spend frivolously.”

Splurge: “A pair of nice fitting jeans and shoes that I can use over and over again.”

Favorite Watsons Label products: “Breath mints, wet tissues, hair mask and facial mask. Honestly, I just like the packaging. It doesn’t’ look cheap. With Watsons, you don’t need to scrimp on quality. Watsons gives us quality items and spend less.”


The Official Triathlete: Iya Villania

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Her eyes went big and excitement filled her as she reveals how fulfilling it is to finish her first-ever “legit” triathlon. “It was quite an emotional experience because the Olympic distance itself seemed quite impossible for me to do. I just never thought I’d be able to do it.” But with husband Drew Arellano engaged in the same hobby, they still do things besides the sport, like traveling abroad. “It never gets boring. We’re so playful,” she gushes.


Watsons Switch and Save


Scrimp: “I’m not really a spender. Like for traveling, I won’t fly business class. Basta makarating lang ako sa pupuntahan ko, okay na ‘ko do’n. I also scrimp on bags. I’ll stick to my backpack.”

Splurge: “I splurge on shoes, food and things for the house, like organizers or anything that make things easy.”

Favorite Watsons Label products: “I’ve been a Watsons girl for two years but I use their products even before. Tissues, because I use a lot of that, their makeup stuff, and their footies lalo na kasi I’m not a heels person. Sobrang laking bagay to be in their gel cushions.”


Crooner-Actor: Christian Bautista

Christian, being the newest ambassador for the brand, is very excited for this campaign. During our interview with the dashing singer, he asks us, “Don’t you feel that everytime you enter a Watsons store.. quality agad? So you get your savings, you get your quality.” He feels very honored to represent Watsons products for men. He says, “If someone wants you to be part of something, you feel value, because they see something in you.” Topping not only hearts of many ladies, it seems Watsons is impeccably smitten by him, too.


Watsons Switch and Save


Favorite Watsons Label products: “Oral care, specifically the charcoal toothbrush, strips, mouthwash. And tissues.”

Join Patty, Iya and Christian with the Switch and Save campaign now! Get high premium products for less and never compromise again on your personal care.



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