Party On-Board the Voyage IV this Saturday Sept 29 by Party Bus Manila!






The Party Bus Manila is the first and only VIP pub crawl in the Metro. It was launched on August 4, 2012 through its first run aptly called The Maiden Voyage. With people from around Manila and even from Hong Kong, Japan, China, USA and Mexico as participants, it certainly lived up to its vision of offering both locals and foreigners a different way of exploring and experiencing Manila’s thriving nightlife.

Inspired by the concept of pub crawl famous abroad especially in Europe, The Party Bus Manila takes partying to a whole new level by offering VIP treatment to its clientele.

The Party Bus Manila caters to students 18 and above, young professionals, tourists from all over the world and simply anyone who is up for a different kind of fun.

Holding its runs twice a month, The Party Bus Manila takes 20-30 people to four or five of the hottest nightspots in the metro on board a pimped limo bus. VIP treatment, the best tables and complimentary drinks are offered in every night spot. The party never stops as premium bottes are served on board. The night ends at the biggest club in Manila with more bottles to down and more unforgettable memories one would be insane not to make.

The Party Bus Manila aims to make Manila a merrier, more vibrant place than it already is and for the crazy concept of pub crawling to penetrate every fun loving Pinoy’s sensibilities. To know more about The Party Bus Manila, check out the official Facebook page at You may reach us through 0917 790 7373 or

Party On-Board the Voyage IV this Saturday Sept 29 by Party Bus Manila!

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