Party in Style – Swizzle Mobile Bar Manila Party Bus

When in Manila, the party scene at the local bars and clubs can get a little too much – same places, same music, same surroundings. Swizzle Mobile Bar lets you party in style when in Manila by giving you the full, pimped-up experience with their party bus.



The only bus that lets you party in style.







The Swizzle Mobile Bar is a private bus where you and nineteen other friends can party in style like no other. Featuring a fully-stocked bar, the bus (a gorgeous all-black party-mobile courtesy of The Black Fleet) lets you drink and have fun virtually anywhere. For six hours, you and your friends will go around the metro, and enjoy a welcome change of scenery. Who can party in style when you’re surrounded by cigarette smoke in a cramped club, anyway?



Party in style with your own bartender!



The Swizzle Mobile Bar has a long, u-shaped couch at the back – perfect for lounging about and enjoying the great drinks on offer. Our favorite that night was the Caramel Beer, Swizzle Mobile Bar’s sweet secret. We agreed it tasted somewhere in between a light beer and caramel popcorn, and definitely made for good conversation! We also downed Swizzle’s Rainbow Shots. Swizzle Mobile Bar has many more of these exclusive drinks and available in limitless supply as you party in style with friends for the night.









While Swizzle Mobile Bar does not yet include food in their mobile bar package, our snacks and refreshments were provided for by The Plaza. Delicious glazed ham sandwiches went perfect with the Caramel Beer, while the Caviar Pie was something totally out of the blue but really addicting. If you want to party in style this weekend, get the Swizzle Mobile Bar!











Enjoying a Caramel Beer with Swizzle Mobile Bar’s Karla Reyes.



For more information on Swizzle Mobile Bar, check out their website and party in style!.


Party in Style – Swizzle Mobile Bar


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