Paris Hilton Hints On Tech Venture

It’s been almost a decade since Paris Hilton first shot to fame through her show “The Simple Life”, yet the hotel heiress has managed to turn herself from celebrity to multi-billion-dollar mogul through her perfume empire, and real estate ventures.

Paris Hilton Returns to Manila to Launch Azure Residences

With all that success however, it seems that Paris is far from done!

“I feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot with having 17 different product lines, everything from sunglasses to shoes to clothing, make-up, skin care and lingerie. Basically, you name a product, I make it.

In that area, I feel like I have done all there is.

Paris added:

“I have a lot of different tech companies I’m working with. I am really looking forward to that. I have some really exciting, very cool projects.”

While there aren’t any details as to what tech ventures she’ll be going into, we’re wondering if she will join the likes of her ex best friend Kim K, who’s been successful with her apps.

Thoughts on this? Let us know!