Our Favorite Filipino Theme Songs for 7 Different Stages of Romance

Popular OPM romantic songs from the 90s where showcased last December 4 in Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World. Truefaith, Side A, Freestyle, and South Border – all well-known OPM bands – performed at a concert called The Romantic Wednesdate.

Romantic Wednesdate 1

I didn’t know I was in for a surprise when I first entered the world class 1,500-seater theater. It was huge with the left and right walls geometrically designed with embossed rectangular shapes and stunning LED lights. The chairs were also very soft and relaxing. Here, I also heard theme songs that fit different romantic stages in my life as follows:

Our Favorite Filipino Theme Songs for 7 Different Stages of Romance


Romantic Wednesdate 5

I Believe in Dreams by Side A – This ballad has a deep message: to strongly believe in your personal dreams, as shared by frontman Yubs Esperat Jr. The dream is to say ‘I love you’ to a special someone. That shyness should just be overcome.

Di Pa Huli by Side A – Another sentimental song for those who are hopeful and shy yet still positive. Side A gives the right amount of upbeat tunes combined with great instrumentals and vocals.

Ikaw nga by South Border – If there’s an OPM song for love at first sight, this is it. Once that person confesses their love for you despite your major differences, it will be one sweet love.


Paano Ka Magiging Akin by True Faith – I only got to know this song this year because it was constantly being played on different radio stations. If a guy sang this to me, I would probably give him a chance even if I don’t like him. The lyrics showcase an old school way of courtship where the guy doesn’t force the girl into anything.

Kung Okay Lang Sa’yo by True Faith – Ever imagine your suitor writing you a song? Not a mushy and cheesy song about you, but about being afraid of showing you his affections.

Binasted (Rejected)

Muntik Nang Maabot Ang Langit by True Faith – If you like reminiscing about rejection in courtship, this is a good background song before you go to bed. Accompanied by impressive vibrato, Med sings this slow and lullaby-like.

Romantic Wednesdate 2

Wag na Lang Kaya by True Faith – From a boy’s point of view, he is not rejected yet, but is scared of rejection. What’s unique about this song is that the original sound is mixed with fast drum beats and there’s live whistling! It makes this romantic song really stand out.

Deeply In-love

You Are Perfect by True Faith – Just like the original, the band sings this in a very groovy manner. It made me feel like the man is head over heels in love with his woman.

Romantic Wednesdate 3

Dahil Ikaw by True Faith – You are in love, but with the wrong person. This song is about being crazy in love with a person who is already in a relationship with someone else. Can you relate? As Med said, this song is for those who are really in love. He performed this with our phone lights on and with us waving our phones in the air.

So Slow by Freestyle – I think this is the only OPM song that talks about taking it “slow in doing sensual things” between two lovers. The tune of this is also slow, and will help any listener digest each line easily.

Romantic Wednesdate 8

Kahit Kailan by South Border – Slow but cool beats with a mellow keyboard and the caress of a saxophone give this holding on song a unique sound. In the song’s line, “Asahan mo na kahit kailan di kita iiwan,” the singer yearns for a “one true love” to be there all the time.

Break-up / Moving on

Pangako by Side A – The famous Prodigal Son parable was the inspiration for this song. The unconditional love of our God can be heard and felt through this song. It’s not just an inspirational song, but also a contemporary one with a moderate stroke.

Romantic Wednesdate 4

No More Tears by Side A – A sad break-up missing-you song about moving on. I love the keyboard that sounds youthful. It has very sweet vocals, and the instruments are loud yet slow.

Tuloy Pa Rin Ako by Side A – If there’s a thrilled moving on song, this is it. He compares his situation to the sky, leaves, and other creations of nature that still go on, no matter what happens. For me, this is the most joyful dance song of the night. Yubs called us to stand up and dance to the beat.

Romantic Wednesdate 6

Before I Let You Go by Freestyle – A rhythm and blues song that talks about the maturity of accepting a breakup and letting go of your love for a person. It’s a melodramatic tune, especially during the lines, “So before I let you go, I want to say I love you”. The drums, keyboard, and guitars all sound light and rightfully blend in with the harmonic duet.

Romantic Wednesdate 7

Half Crazy by Freestyle – Sometimes, a breakup will tear you apart, and make you feel lost and lonely. Because that person was once your better half, you might overthink and think negative things without them. This song is for you if that sounds familiar.

Getting Back Together

Sana Naman by Side A – This song is about the hope of still being each other’s happy ending even if you broke up several times before. All of the band member’s voices complement one another. Wow! I had never seen or heard a band sound like that! I also love the drumbeat!

A True Friend’s Love

Romantic Wednesdate 9

Rainbow by South Border – This sentimental song encourages you to stay strong and still be happy even if you are experiencing pain and problems. What I like about this song is that the friend still reminds you to be appreciative of the beauty around you and that all pain is just temporary. Happy thoughts will rise after listening to this encouraging song.

Now you can update your playlist and support once big-hit OPM songs.  Red Crane Productions produced and organized the concert.

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