Oryspa: The First Rice Bran Spa Products in the Philippines

WHEN IN MANILA, one thing that is more important than knowing how to properly contour and highlight your face is to know how to take care of your skin. With all the stress from school (boo Accounting and Calculus,) unwanted breakouts and dark circles under my eyes are inevitable and with my limited time, going to a spa every weekend is not an option either. Luckily, I came across a small kiosk in SM Megamall that houses all the tools that I need to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy regardless of the stress of college life.




Oryspa is the first and the finest maker of rice bran based spa products in the country. Oryspa houses some of the best beauty products in the country that promises to keep your skin looking fresh even with the dreadful Accounting long test coming up.


rice bran face and body washimage

One thing that I’m guilty of is being too lazy to wash my face every morning. But that was no longer that case when I started using Oryspa’s Rice Bran Face and Body Wash. It keeps your skin soft and I love the fragrant smell of the wash.




Oryspa Beauty Oil

Another one of my favorite loots from Oryspa is their Beauty Oil. It removes make-up and at the same time lighten those dark circles after a long night of studying.





Left: With all the demanding subjects I’m currently taking up; Law, Accounting and Calculus just to name a few, getting stress is just inevitable. For moments like these, I rely heavily on Oryspa’s Meditation Balm. It never fails to soothe and relax me in an instant!

Right: I love perfumes! What I love most about Oryspa’s Rice Bran perfume is that aside from smelling like heaven, it comes in this cute tin can that is easy to bring wherever I go.


So When In Manila  readers, whether you’re stressed over school work like me or stressed with work, head on to Oryspa and never neglect your skin care WHEN IN MANILA.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out Oryspa at booth 718 at the Franchise Asia SMX from July 19-21, 2013.



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Visit: SM Megamall, lower ground floor building A



Oryspa: The First Rice Bran Spa Products in the Philippines