Organize Your Coffee Nook With This Easy-To-Assemble Cup and Straw Holder

Are you still struggling to keep your home organized? Got a coffee nook but still can’t seem to keep it organized? Maybe you’ve started your very own home cafe business and you’re looking for something that will keep your space decluttered. Here’s something you might want to get from Shopee.

This is a cup and straw holder, and what makes it a must-have is its lightweight design, many compartments, and easy assembly.

cup holder 1

Photo from Shopee

You might think that it looks pretty flimsy at first glance, but it’s actually made out of high-quality materials. Even online reviewers were surprised at how sturdy this cup and straw holder actually is.

It has a lot of compartments that you can use for your favorite cups, straws, spoons, and even candies or sweeteners! Because each compartment has a big enough space even for standard bottles, it can practically hold anything essential in your coffee or milk tea nook. You can also choose from a variety of designs according to your storage needs.

cup holder 2

Photo from Shopee

A huge bonus: it’s very easy to assemble! No need for screws, hammers, or any special equipment. It’s designed especially for easy assembly.

We’re definitely adding this to our cart!

Buy this cup and straw holder here!

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