This Phone’s Battery Can Last for More Than 11 Hours of Non-Stop Binge-Watching

As much as we love the technological advancements that we’ve been blessed with when it comes to smartphones, you have to admit that it can be sooooo frustrating when they run out of battery before half of the day is even over. When we were asked to try out the OPPO A57 (which we heard has amazing battery power), we gotta admit that we were a little skeptical at first because let’s face it: everybody says their phone has amazing battery power. So the first thing that we did? Put it to the test, of course!

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

OPPO A57 Features

But before we get to that, let’s talk about how sleek the OPPO A57 looks. Ultra-slim with straight sides, it slips so easily into bags and pockets while looking stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

It also offers enduring quality with IPX4 water resistance that protects it from rain and water splashes (perfect for the current rainy season and for beach trips and the like). Even the buttons and ports have been tested for long-term durability.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

As for the cameras, the 13+2MP rear cameras are enhanced by advanced software features including Portrait mode that will automatically blur the background, Nightscape for amazing low-light photos, and Flash Snapshot so you can take sharp and clear shots of things that are in action.

The 8MP front camera has Nightscape too, so you can take clear selfies even in low-light conditions. AI Portrait Retouching is also available so you can subtly prettify your face when you’re having a bad skin day or are too lazy to put makeup on.

And now for the creme de la creme: the battery power! Now, it has to be noted that I actually tested this out myself, partly using this review as an excuse to binge-watch KDramas all day. :p And I came to find that after 5 1/2 hours of binge-watching, only 36 percent of the battery was used up!

OPPO A57 Battery e1662042046440

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

That means that you can actually watch more than 11 hours of whatever it is you love to watch without running out of battery. This is thanks to its 5000mAh long-lasting battery. The phone doesn’t get hot after long hours of usage, either. What’s more, the OPPO A57 comes with 33W SUPERVOOC super-fast charging that can fill up the battery in just 72 minutes. In fact, after just 10 minutes of charging, you can already look forward to 2.87 hours of YouTube streaming.

So, when in Manila and looking for a phone with battery that truly packs a punch, make sure to check out the OPPO A57!

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