Open Letter to DPWH Regarding Traffic in Nueva Vizcaya

When In Manila, traffic isn’t necessarily a new thing. A lot of has has grown so used to it, that we just stopped complaining already and started looking for ways to enjoy it instead. However, when we’re out of town, we usually expect less traffic and more nature.

A few days ago, this Facebook user wrote an open letter to DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) regarding to crazy traffic in Nueva Vizcaya that he had to go through. .

Floro Francisco writes…

A good friend friend of mine, Joji Baggao-Borromeo from Ilagan City in Isabela posted these pictures of terrible traffic in the mountain highways in Nueva Vizcaya which we from Isabela and Cagayan provinces have to travel and cross every time we visit our hometowns. Every year we experience such terrible traffics due to the constant road repairs done by the DPWH and their contractors – surprisingly every year. They have this crazy practice of boring holes on stretches of roads that are supposed to be repaired even as these are still passable. Presumably they do this to immediately collect the mobilization funds even as their construction timetables would take months and even years. Then they start repairing one side of the road there by creating long stretches of one way traffic in mountain highways of bends and curves causing terrible road congestion and unbearable traffic jams that could take even a whole day. This insensitive approach by DPWH and their contractors must change. Regular travelers and motorists and I hope the businessmen as well, from Cagayan Valley should now unite and take a stand from this abuse and lack of concern about the comforts of the commuter. This also takes its toll on the speed of transporting the produce from the Cagayan Valey region which eventually would affect prices of commodities as the transport cost shall be inputted to the final cost of the product when it reaches the market. Moreover it tremendously affects the quality and final price of perishable products like meat and vegetable. KAWAWA NAMAN ANG MGA TAGA CAGAYAN VALLEY! The DPWH needs a change of not only its contractors but its strategy!

Traffic (02)

Perhaps its time to build a new highway in the Eastern Seaboard of Luzon from Aurora Province to reach Cagayan Valley! This will not only improve traffic flow and transport speed but will also open up huge economic opportunities in the east coast of Isabela and Cagayan provinces. Yung design ng Highway ay dapat cut and fill para straight line siya, in order to make distance and time travel shorter! As much as possible dapat six lanes para walang closed traffic during repairs and reblocking! Our politicians and highway Engineers should visit and learn from Vietnam and Thailand. Those study tours that politicians and government officials often do (for Tourism) should include site visits on infrastructure developments to to see the new highways in other countries They should go and see the Highways from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand or the highway from Hanoi to Lao Cai and Sapa in Vietnam. NAPAG-IWANAN NA TALAGA TAYO..masikip na mga kalsada at low quality pa! BAKIT NGA BA ANG TUWID NA DAANAN HINDI PAABUTIN SA LANSANGAN????”

Traffic (01)  Traffic (03)

Mr. Floro’s open letter really makes you think and wonder – what if? Any of you ever experience major traffics in places you didn’t expect?

How do you guys feel about this? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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