Online Stores Where You Can Shop for Instagrammable Home Essentials

Don’t you just miss going out to see new places and beautiful sights? Since I personally refuse to do that now no matter how much I miss it, I found an alternative way to quench this thirst – by redecorating the house. Spending most of my time at home made me think about why I have always looked for happiness somewhere else when it should actually be right at home. Like, I even went to coffee shops to get more work done (we work from home even before the pandemic) when I pay the internet bill at home… WHY???
Our homes should be the place where we find peace and feel most comfortable at but it doesn’t magically happen on its own. We should be the ones filling it with our love and dedication so that it spreads that aura throughout our families. Simply by maintaining its cleanliness, orderliness, and beauty, our loved ones will always feel at home.
I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of makeover inspo from Instagram or Pinterest that you want to bring to life. Whether you want to start small or just adding some final touches, there are so many trendy and Instagrammable home essentials that can make each corner of your house camera-ready! The question is, where to buy them? Without further ado, here are some of the online shops we love!

Orderly Studio

Having to live and work/study in one place is a recipe for disaster. With the number of roles we need to play, it’s easy to lose track of things if we don’t organize them. The good news though is that Orderly Studio offers affordable living and lifestyle solutions to help you maximize your time and space. From felt boards where you can pin your ideas, goals, and to-do lists, to organizers like trays, shelves, and storage boxes – they got you covered!

orderly studio organizers

Orderly Studio was formed by a team of creatives who want to spread a clutter-free (thus, stress-free) lifestyle to everyone. Shop for exclusive products from their Facebook Page (@orderlystudioph) or Instagram account (@orderlystudio).



Naked Studio Co.

This online store features home essentials that are all about body empowerment. Naked Studio‘s vases, lamps, scented candles, and mats all have the same concept but in different shapes and sizes. 😉

naked studio

As an entrepreneur and a full-time mom, the owner also shares that she came up with the idea of incorporating comfy clothes in her shop that hardworking women like her can wear to effortlessly look beautiful. Do I need to mention that they would look absolutely perfect in your frameless mirror selfies? If you don’t believe me yet, you can go straight to Naked Studio’s Instagram account ( to see for yourself!



Club Kiev

According to owner Jasmine Kho, Club Kiev is where she indulges her inner quirkiness and constant quest for something new. A couple of months ago, Kho relaunched the brand with its first few home collections that feature not only artistic but also functional pieces.
club kiev kitchenware
Today, Club Kiev has grown into a lifestyle brand that offers a delightful selection of curated items for everyone’s homes. They strive to bring their customers attainable pieces that last through their aesthetic home decor and kitchenware. To see more, follow Club Kiev on Instagram at or shop on their official website,
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