Olaplex and Keratin Masque at Design Studio PH: Review + Giveaway (Closed)

“You never know what you have until it’s gone.”

That quote is applicable to relationships, career opportunities, material wealth, and even healthy hair. I grew up with sleek, healthy, and naturally straight hair. But I got bored with my sleek black hair. During the latter years of college, playing with my hair became my ultimate outlet for stress. I’d go from long hair to short, black hair to red, straight hair to permed, blunt cuts to layered.

My cellphone always had an entire album devoted to hair pegs, and so did my Pinterest account. At some point, my hair was colored red and permed repeatedly. It was very unhealthy. The strands were frizzy, and it felt dry. It was difficult to style in the morning, even with a curling iron. I thought it was damaged beyond repair—until I saw blog posts about Olaplex from Design Studio PH.

Design Studio PH is my go-to salon. So far, I’ve never encountered a botched hair procedure with them! I’ve tried having a balayage and a haircut with them, and both of those were absolutely perfect. When I saw raves about their Olaplex service, it naturally got me curious.

WHITE SILVER TRANSFORMATION for @kimkardashian! ????❕ Color by @chrisappleton1 with #Olaplex. ???????? Swipe for photos of the reveal plus an excerpt about the process, straight from Kim’s app! “When we started the process, I was so scared that my hair would get ruined. It took about 12 hours for the first round of dyeing my hair– we definitely took our time with it so it wouldn’t get damaged. The last time I went platinum, a few years back, I dyed it in one sitting and never gave it the proper time, so this time I sat there for 12 hours straight. Then, we did another 5-hour session. In the end, so worth it. I had to spend a week with yellow hair, just Olaplexing it and conditioning it everyday, until we toned it and got it to lift to this amazing white-silver color. I’m so happy with it and want to keep it awhile!” — Kim Kardashian West ????

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ROSE GOLD EVERYTHING! ???????? What’s YOUR favorite fantasy color? Color by Olaplex Ambassador @guy_tang. Prelightened using #mydentity #big9 and 1/32oz #Olaplex N°1 and lifted to a level 9. Pretone with My Dentity Xpress toner BLUSH for 5mins on damp hair. Dry completely for color glaze. 1️⃣Guy Tang My Dentity 15g 7RG demi+15g 6DL demi with 6vol on rootàge 2️⃣Guy Tang My Dentity 55g of 7RG demi with 6vol+ 5g of Pink Glow dual booster to merge the the tone with smooth transition 3️⃣Guy Tang My Dentity 55g of 9RG demi with 6vol and 2g of Pink Glow dual booster. Process for 25mins.

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I wanted to know what makes Olaplex different from other kinds of treatments like conditioners and masks. Here are some testimonies of industry experts and hair stylists.

Masks and conditioners form a temporary surface on the hair. It feels good but doesn’t last. Olaplex is different because it works from the inside and actually repairs the damage. – (Source)

Olaplex does seem to be offering something new. Previously, we could only re-moisturise hair but not repair it. – (Source)

My Personal Experience

I’ve done various treatments before Olaplex in a desperate attempt to rescue my hair. But nothing worked. I was hoping Olaplex would do the trick.

After I had Olaplex, I touched my hair and felt … like there was nothing different. Maybe a little bit softer, but I wasn’t blown away.

And there’s a good reason behind this, echoed by hair stylist Dani Gess in her blog post about Olaplex:

Olaplex is NOT a conditioning treatment. My hair is still dry. This does not shock me. Not once have I read that Olaplex claim it is a conditioning treatment or a mask.

Olaplex was designed to work from the inside, not on the surface of the hair (like masks and conditioners).

After Olaplex, I had the Keratin Essence Masque. By then, I wasn’t really expecting much. After all, I had a lot of treatments and masks done on my hair–nothing worked.

Surprisingly, after my Keratin Essence Masque was washed off, my hair felt so renewed and soft! I assume it’s because Olaplex was able to properly prepare my hair and strengthen my hair from within before I got the Keratin Essence Masque.

I was so happy about the results. I kept on touching my hair. It’s been ages since it was that soft.

When I got home and shampooed the next day, the results were still the same. My hair was still noticeably softer, smoother, and manageable.

After trying so many different treatments and products, this was the only thing that had both immediate and long-term results!


I had such an awesome time having my treatment at DesignStudioPH, and I want one of our readers to experience what I experienced.

DesignStudioPH is treating one winner to a free haircut, Olaplex treatment, and Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque worth 8,000 pesos! One winner gets ALL THREE services for free! Just follow the giveaway guidelines below:

That’s it! The steps are simple, but please ensure that you followed all of the steps. Those who did not follow all the steps are disqualified from this giveaway.

The winner will be announced on September 19, on or before 11:59 pm. Please note that the winner will have to coordinate with the salon for an appointment.

Design Studio PH

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Phone: (02) 899.99.77 / (02) 832.55.08

September 24,  2017

Giveaway Results

Winner: Ais Solvence

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