Oktoberfest: The Party Bus Way!

When in Manila hop on the craziest and wildest bus ride ever!

Party IN a bus?? YES!!


Last Saturday, I had the chance to join the Oktoberfest run of The Party Bus! The goal of The Party Bus is to take you around Manila in a bus to experience the most happening spots in the Metro!

Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant located at Rufino St., Legazpi Village, Makati City


Our 1st Stop and meeting place was at Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. Here I got the chance to meet new people. Everyone was a bit shy at first. We also had our 1st shot of beer here. One of the MANY shots that we will be chuggin’ all throughout the night!

Name Tags for everyone!




In each bar, everyone gets a STUB for a free bottle of beer! Hey! Its Oktoberfest, baby!




Icebreaker Time! Which ended the silence and started the craziness!




We were asked to introduce our selves: name, what we do in life and favorite beer. At first, everyone was hesitant  to participate or act out the “actions” from the bowl of dare! But after a few shots, everyone was game and alive! 

All aboard!



 After a few shots and the introduction, everyone was invited outside so we can now board the famous BUS!



And that’s when the real party began!




Drink ALL you can! From San Mig Light to Heineken to Corona to Jagermeister to Bacardi!









2nd Stop: Rue Bourbon located at Unit 153 Forbes Woods Heights in Fort Bonifacio




When we arrived at our 2nd stop, we were immediately given our stubs for (again) our free beer!



Chug Me!



We played some games there including spin the bottle and the beer challenge!



His DARE: Finish a can of beer with your hands tied!




Everyone was so alive and energetic!



BEER CHALLENGE: The Machine VS. The Captain!



Rue Bourbon asked if any of us wanted to try their Beer Challenge. The goal is simple: finish a mug of beer in less than 26 seconds to beat the previous winner! Loser will have to pay for his beer.



The Winner: The Machine!! He was able to finish his beer at 25 seconds! The Loser: The Captain! Better luck next time! (he was too drunk already to even finish his mug!)



Our 3rd Stop and my favorite of all is: Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge located at the 2nd floor of Commercenter Bldg. at BGC!



Our exclusive table at Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge!










After a few shots (again) everyone was pumped up for the night!









They’re in the mood for dancing!




Raym + Mon = 2 Raymonds! A great way to meet new friends!



Before heading to our last stop… We had another round of beer downstairs!



Chug! Chug! Chug!!




MORE Jager on our way to our 4th Stop!


Our final stop for the night was at Prive at The Fort Strip. They didn’t allow us to bring our cameras inside! Boo! But still, we partied the night away!!



All in all The Party Bus is REALLY one unique and fun experience!



When in Manila and you want to meet new people, get high on alcohol and party at the most happening places, then you should ride The Party Bus!





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePartyBusMNL

Telephone #s: 0917.790.7373 / 637.8812





Oktoberfest: The Party Bus Way!


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