Date Idea: The Fountain at Okada

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot to take your date or want to take your family and friends to witness something amazing, we recommend visiting The Fountain at Okada because yes, it’s back and as mesmerizing as ever!

Okada Fountain

Photo from Okada

The Fountain at Okada is HUGE (it’s the size of 50 Olympic-size swimming pools!) and features choreographed water, light, and sound performances.

Open from Monday to Thursday from 6PM to 10PM and from Friday to Sunday from 6PM to midnight, The Fountain is Okada’s bold take on creating a global icon. I actually just visited Dubai a couple of months ago and I have to say I was more in awe of this spectacle than I was by the fountains at Burj Khalifa. Of course, that’s a personal opinion so you have to go and check it out yourself.

The Fountain at Okada 2

Photo from Okada

What’s more, The Fountain at Okada plays music that everybody is sure to be familiar with. Sing along to The Prayer and We are the Champions as you witness its beauty. Regardless of which song plays, you are sure to enjoy it.

A great venue for family, friends, and significant others; get wowed by the dazzling lights and dance displays of The Fountain. Even better, you can grab a bite to eat around Okada before or after the show or just roam around because there is so much to see and do at the venue. (In case you didn’t know, they have a long strip of Instagrammable “boxes” you can have photo ops at as well.) Enjoy!

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