Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Haven of Fun, Learning and Excitement for All!

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay’s Marine Mammals

Ocean Adventure will never be called Ocean Adventure without the marine animals. Just like what I’ve seen when I went to Ocean Park Hong Kong, Ocean Adventure houses rescued marine mammals and trains them. As a bonus, these marine mammals do tricks and performs to entertain people.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay’s Sea Lion Show

Ocean Adventure 41  Ocean Adventure 42

Welcome to the newly renovated stage of the sea lion show. Before it was just a plain stage, now a full blown area for the sea lion’s to enjoy and show off their talents!

Ocean Adventure 43

The Sea Lion Show was very, very entertaining, and funny of course. The show started by differentiating a sea lion from a seal. Thanks to the not-so-trained-yet sea lion named Sophie, she successfully demonstrated to the audience how a sea lion moves compared to a seal.

Sophie is one of the youngest sea lions trained by the Ocean Adventure Subic Bay team. Just like a little kid, Sophie was so cute during her performance on stage. She followed most of the tricks, but missed some because she was so happy with the attention she got. During the time she was needed to exit the stage, she kept on coming back and staying on stage which made the show more funny.

Ocean Adventure 44Meet Sophie!

Ocean Adventure 48Sophie shows off her swimming skills 🙂

Ocean Adventure 47Sophie listening attentively to her trainer.

Ocean Adventure 46Sophie not wanting to leave the stage

Ocean Adventure 45Another Sea Lion doing tricks

“Don’t throw garbage, save the seas and the sea lions”–the message Sophie left to all her very very satisfied audience.

And again, we didn’t miss the chance to have our photo sessions with the sea lion.

Ocean Adventure 1 Ocean Adventure 2

When In Manila couples posing with the sea lion!

Ocean Adventure 50So happy to be kissed by a sea lion 🙂

Ocean Adventure 52When In Manila team

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