Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Haven of Fun, Learning and Excitement for All!

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay’s Dolphin Show

We almost missed the dolphin show because we were so preoccupied with the sea lions! Luckily, we arrived just about time when the dolphins were doing their “air-tricks“. It wasn’t my first time to watch a dolphin show, but every time I do, they never fail to amaze me.

Ocean Adventure 53Trainers ready!

I see dolphins as intelligent marine mammals. I love the sounds they make and how they jump out of the water and spin on air!  Not only were the regular dolphins present at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay, but also Tonka, the only remaining false killer whale the Ocean Adventure team has rescued years back. He was also trained and taken cared of. Just like a regular dophin, Tonka did tricks in and out of the water.

Ocean Adventure 55Ready, set, go!

Ocean Adventure 54Dolphins on air

I was so happy about the dolphin show, but what made our dolphin show more memorable was we had the chance to have our photo taken with Tonka, the false killer whale.

Ocean Adventure 57When In Manila team with Tonka 

I really enjoyed our adventure at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay! Thanks to our awesome guide KC Simpson for the excellent service! One of the most memorable weekends perhaps, Ocean Adventure Subic Bay is truly a haven of fun, excitement and learning experience! A place one must not miss to visit in the Philippines. Ocean Adventure Subic Bay has demonstrated history of providing environmental awareness and education combined with wholesome entertainment!

So When In Manila, bring your family and friends, walk in the wild side, dance with the African acrobats, kiss the sea lions and see Tonka live! Experience the same and make good memories at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Check out our Harlem Shake Video with the African Acrobats, the sea lion and the rest of the When In Manila team! Enjoy!

Ocean Adventure Harlem Shake from Ivica Rae say on Vimeo.


Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Camayan Wharf, Subic Bay Freeport, 2222 Olongapo City, Philippines, 2222

Monday to Sunday; 9:00am-6:00pm

(047) 252 9000



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Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Haven of Fun, Learning and Excitement for All!


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