Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Haven of Fun, Learning and Excitement for All!

When In Manila and seeking for an excitingly fun vacation or tour with your family, loved ones and even friends, head-off to Ocean Adventure  Subic Bay and have a jam packed holiday with tons of surprises and learning all rolled into one!

We went to Camayan Beach Resort a few months ago for an extreme vacation. If you have read our Camayan Beach Resort article here, you’d know how much fun we had for half of our stay. With this article, we’re bringing to you the other half of our fun and exciting activities at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay!

Ocean Adventure 25Ocean Adventure  Subic Bay Theme Park

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Edutainment Shows

After snorkeling at the beach, we immediately went to Ocean Adventure Subic Bay which was just adjacent to Camayan Beach Resort. Being the first Open Water Marine Theme Park in Southeast Asia, Ocean Adventure Subic Bay has become one of the premiere attractions in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as all of Southeast Asia.

Camayan Beach Resort 74 Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

We first entered Walk On The Wild Side, an interactive show that teaches how to survive in the wild. The show was already starting when we arrived and so we hurriedly took our seats.  On the stage, a native was explaining how to make fire when you’re out in the wild. He explained to the audience how fire can be very useful and destructive at the same time. He also showed how to cook rice using a bamboo and get something to drink afterwards.

I was so amazed at how he did everything so effortlessly and how he willingly shared what he knows to the audience.

Ocean Adventure 61Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: The Fire We Make 

After, we were introduced to the different wild animals that were rescued and tamed by the Ocean Adventure  Subic Bay Team. Reminding the people to care for these animals and all the other animals in the wild, from stray dog and cat to the almost extinct Philippine eagle…

Meer cat, owl and bat, they were all present at the show.

Ocean Adventure 20 Ocean Adventure 24

Ocean Adventure 23 Ocean Adventure 22 Ocean Adventure 21

Ocean Adventure 31Ocean Adventure Subic Bay Wildlife calling all people to help save the animals.

Of course, me and my friends didn’t miss the chance to have our photo taken with these animals, not to forget the big snake the Ocean Adventure Subic Bay Team has tamed.

Ocean Adventure 32When In Manila Team

After listening to the animals, our next show was the super high energy dance and gymnastics display of the legendary performers from Africa–the African Acrobat Balancing Act Show. The show is all about honoring and preserving the fragile environment that we all share. A simple message of balancing what we take from the world with what we must preserve on the planet. Ocean Adventure Subic Bay’s mascot together with some talented dancers made everyone realize why we need to recycle and reuse plastic containers to minimize pollution.

Ocean Adventure 33Ocean Adventure Subic Bay dancers enthusiastically performs on stage

Ocean Adventure 34Calling everyone to RECYCLE!

I personally enjoyed the show because it was so lively and interactive. After singing and dancing, the breath taking performances of the African acrobats were next. Before the show, we were invited to participate in the show, and few minutes after the African acrobats did their gymnastics, we were asked to go up the stage. Three kids were asked to jump rope with them while three adults were to do limbo rock. When it was my turn, I felt so shy but who cares, we were there to enjoy and have fun! And so I did it, I limbo rocked with the African Acrobats on stage!

Ocean Adventure 35 African Acrobats screaming and dancing at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure 36Little girl jumps high with the African Acrobats

Believe me when I say that the show was intense! The African acrobatic show was so active, thrilling and fun. The African acrobats were so flexible, funny and full of energy! No wonder the audience were extremely noisy and participative the entire show. One of the best shows Ocean Adventure Subic Bay has produced, the African Acrobat Balancing Act Show, is an exciting mix of education and entertainment you shouldn’t miss.

 Ocean Adventure 11 Ocean Adventure 12

Ocean Adventure 9 Ocean Adventure 10

Ocean Adventure 8Ocean Adventure Subic Bay presents African Acrobats Balancing Show!    

Two shows were done and two more shows to follow, but first we took a quick lunch at Camayan Wharf located inside the compound of Ocean Adventure. With the warm weather we were able to cool down since the whole restaurant was airconditioned. The food was okay and the servings were big. The service of the restaurant was also quick which gave us enough time to finish our meal before the next show.

Ocean Adventure 40Ocean Adventure 39

Ocean Adventure 38Ocean Adventure 37

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay’s Camayan Wharf 

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