Northdrive: This Band from Tarlac Hopes to Inspire Everyone Who Listens

I have heard several people claim that OPM is dead, but I beg to differ. There are several great Filipino bands and performers out there if you just make an effort to look.

One reader recommended one particular band to us recently.

The band is called ‘Northdrive‘ and is a five piece alternative/pop band from Tarlac City, a city just “North” of Manila, hence the moniker. The band started out when Michael Lao the composer/guitarist of the group moved from New York to the Philippines to pursue his passion for music. He was luckily able to track down his childhood friend Ryan Sarmiento, a well-known producer and a member of an already successful band, 6cyclemind. They immediately held auditions in Tarlac and filled the roster with an experienced bunch.

Northdrive immediately took to Ryan’s own studio in Manila and started recording. The band’s genre is reminiscent of OPM’s 90’s rock movement, with iconic bands such as The Eraserheads and Rivermaya leading the pack. Ryan put his signature touches on the record providing a much modern sounding album.


Northdrive‘s full-length album titled, “Coming Home” is slated for a 2017 release while the first single, “Sa Palad Mo,” is scheduled for a digital release on December 2, 2017 under the guidance of their brand new Management/Record Label, Curve Entertainment. The band is excited and hopeful that their music can inspire and bring joy to everyone who listens and at the same time represent and be the pride and joy of their hometown, Tarlac, a city that is just hours “NORTH.”

Got any amazing Filipino bands or performers to recommend? We’d love to hear about them!