WATCH: Gabe Piolo’s New Music Video Highlights the Beauty of Baguio

Most videos that we see nowadays that focus on the Philippines usually showcase the beauty of our beaches and while our beaches truly are sights to behold, I have to say that I found it pleasantly surprising to come across a video that showcased the beauty of a darker and colder (well, for the Philippines, anyway) part of our country: Baguio.

I lived in Baguio for almost a year when I was pregnant with my daughter and this video coincidentally perfectly showcases life there. When I first moved there, it felt so cold and dark and lonely and I braved Session Road all covered up in my beanie and feeling lost about my then-relationship. Eventually, though, I found freedom and learned to love life there. I also accepted the end of that toxic relationship. All of this is a coincidence, but maybe you’ll find some sort of connection with this video, too. I think it would be hard not to.

Check out Gabe Piolo‘s new music video for his song ‘Look Along the Way’ here:


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Gabe Piolo


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