The Noodle Studio: Fried Sisig Rolls, Fried Salmon Pouches, and More!

Article by Trisha So / Photos by Eunick Nobe / Graphics by Arvin Chavez

Where does a trip all around Asia take a proud business owner? Multiple variants of curry and hours spent nose deep in cookbooks later, The Noodle Studio materialized.

When the company over at The Noodle Studio decided to play around with Asia’s greatest noodle recipes, they discovered cultures in flavors and decided to share this with their lucky consumers. On top of being a destination for noodles found all over the continent, The Noodle Studio also houses family recipes that can cater to the Filipino taste and beyond.

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 3
The Noodle Studio welcomes us with its modern Asian aesthetic.

After the team had a quick chat with the brothers at The Noodle Studio, we discovered three things: noodles are underrated, the food is mouth-watering, and this enterprise carries much heart.

We were told that among their greatest questions is why pasta gets all the glory when noodles are just as good, if not better than the European counterpart. It’s simple – taste the broth (if applicable), taste the noodle, fall in love, and eat it all up. They made us understand exactly what they mean with an easy visual representation. They then got around to branding themselves as Asian as they offer this tribute to the Asian noodle; hence, when any customer examines the interior of the place, one cannot help but feel drawn toward the Asia we all know.

More informed of the origin of the place, we were then desperate to have a taste of all the goodness the restaurant prides itself in.

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 12These Fried Salmon Pouches (Php288) had us in love with the first bite and every bite onward.

When the first dish was served – Fried Salmon Pouches – its delicious scent traveled up our nostrils, but even that scent could not possibly compare to the first bite! Sinking our teeth into the pouch, cream cheese oozed into our mouths and chunks of salmon provided for an enjoyable chewing experience, only enhancing its flavor. It comes with the Dynamite Sauce (not exclusive to this dish), which adds a tangy taste and goes well with most dishes. We were beyond excited to know that this will be coming in bottles for sale!

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 19

There could be no better example of balance in good food than these Fried Sisig Rolls (Php238).

The Fried Sisig Rolls can serve as a full meal with a balance of rice, meat, and lumpia roll. Furthermore, it is not quite as oily as what we associate with regular sisig. It is also served with the Dynamite Sauce we love so much, and it explodes with flavor in every bite.

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 30

After having a bite of Mi Goreng (Php288), we were engulfed in a smoky flavor we would keep coming back for.

The Mie Goreng (P288) comes with a smoky flavor that compels its consumers to keep coming back for more. When you eat this, you will certainly feel like you’re back in Singapore’s famous hawkers.

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 57

This Modified Turon (Php198) brings a twist to our Filipino favorite.

The Noodle Studio also offers desserts such as the Modified Turon, which balances out the turon flavor in every bite, and more!

Aside from all of the things we have grown to love about the place, we learned that this was a tribute to the brothers’ father, with whom they had developed fond memories over food with. They told us that if their father were alive at this moment, he would have loved it and would have gone back everyday to eat to his heart’s content.

The Noodle Studio at Ayala Malls the 30th 24

A sight each of us could get used to as we’ll surely come back for more!

Look no farther than Ayala the 30th to find a primary source for all food Asian. At The Noodle Studio, one can get a quick fix of delectable chow while all the while learning more about what this continent truly stands for.

The Noodle Studio

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