Nokia Lumia 610: function and simplism in one elegant Windows phone

Nokia has been having so much tough competition from the giants such as Apple and Samsung, as well as against HTC through the years where new OS platforms arose and have now debunked the long term leading Nokia platform. In a battle to regain a place in the world of touch screen phones and diversely connected social media capabilities of today, Nokia had released their new line of smartphones engaged with the new Windows OS. Leading the Pack of the Nokia Lumia are the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 which are around the 27,000+ price tag. However, Nokia has also set foot on a cheaper, lower-end model which gives the same Windows OS experience. That is in the form of the Nokia Lumia 610. It may lack the speed and the attraction of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, but it does retain the beautiful minimalist Windows OS experience.

Design: The Nokia Lumia 610‘s design doesn’t stray anywhere near to its big brothers. What I found really good about the design is with how the phone feels secure and durable in my hand. It doesn’t have that wow factor with the design though, it has a simple curvaceous front panel with a silver bezel around the screen which also extends to the sides and caters to the physical buttons, and a flat black rear panel. One thing to note is that, the flat black rear panel gets a lot of marks quite easily.

Operating System and User Interface: I love the Windows OS! I never thought I’d appreciate it this much. This is actually the first Windows phone that I have ever used and I love how the OS is minimalistic yet classy. The tiled layout really looks great on the UI and the simple touch and swipe functions are very straightforward and user friendly. The Windows phone OS probably is the easiest OS to learn and use to date. Coming from years of experience with iOS and from currently using the Android OS, the Windows phone OS is the easiest and most straightforward OS to use. I didn’t even need to read any manual or use any beginners tutorial to go through the functionality of the Windows phone. Having a ppi of 252 already made the Windows OS to look stunning on the Nokia Lumia 610, the UI was very fluid and the tiles were very pleasing to the eyes. I have seen the big brothers with their higher resolution display, and I can say that the Nokia Lumia 610 really does cater the Windows phone in a similar way and without deteriorating the UI in its lower display capability.




Performance: The Nokia Lumia 610 is limited to a single-core processor clocking at 800MHz and having only 256mb of RAM, it was evident enough that lags would occur. I experienced some lags even through browsing the internet even with my fast internet connection. Delays would occur even with a strong Wi-Fi signal and fast connection speed. Most games though ran fluid and had no problems, though the low RAM availability limited app support.

One really unique and lovable feature of the Nokia Lumia and the Windows phone OS is the Nokia Drive app. It allows you to see your current map location and also direction guides even without running any data connection. It fully uses GPS signals to locate and give you the map and the directions. Very cool and very very helpful.

I always loved Nokia phones with their cameras. They were always one of the best in mobile phone camera technology. The Carl Zeiss lens made such a big difference in quality in the mobile phone camera capabilities of older Nokia phones and even some current models. But with the Nokia Lumia 610, I was a little disappointed with the quality and the functionality of the camera. I also didn’t like the tap to focus and shoot feature. I wanted to just focus on a certain area on the screen and yet, the camera focuses and takes a photo right away even through the miscalculation of the focus. But for a 5 megapixel camera, it was decent to do its job.

Overall, if you are looking for the Windows phone experience and is looming with a budget, the Nokia Lumia 610 does not disappoint and fully replicates the Windows phone experience of its big brothers.

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Nokia Lumia 610: function and simplism in one elegant Windows phone


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