No More Lines? A New Website Promises to Help You Beat the Crowds When Riding the MRT

If you have ever been stuck in a long queue while trying to ride the MRT, then you might appreciate this new website: Traincheck promises to tell you the best time for a ride on the infamous Manila Metro Rail Transit System by using technology to measure when the service will be quiet.


The Traincheck interface

Now might be a good time to ask your boss for flexi time, as a new website is promising to make trips on the MRT more enjoyable by telling you when the service isn’t bursting at the seams. Traincheck claims to be able to do this by analyzing pictures from the various cameras on the system and mixing it with their own clever technological wizardry. The result is an easy to use interface that tells you the best time to catch a train without having to feel like a sardine in a can.

The service appears to be new, so we’re not yet sure it works. If you tried it, please et us now your experience and feedback in the comments!