No, Annabelle the doll didn’t escape from the museum despite Twitter memes

Rumors erupted in social media, especially Twitter, that the doll from the famous Conjuring universe had somehow escaped the Warren museum for occult items. People began to cause a riot on Twitter, posting memes about her escape, how Chucky helped her leave, and all kinds of crazy situations the doll’s been up to since her alleged escape.

But worry not, the house has actually been closed due to zoning violations and because tourists keep insisting on visiting the property to see the Annabelle doll and other occult items. The late Warren couple, according to Newsweek, have also handed over all the artifacts to their son-in-law Tony Spera to hold on to. So there’s no reason for the alarm, Annabelle is still closed off and we are safe from her clutches.

We have to admit, though, the memes are super hilarious. Thank you, Twitter. You have given me another reason to laugh today.

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