Nixáre: The Birth of A Proudly Filipino Activewear Brand


Cedric is a proud ‘huggable’ person which adds to his comedic personality, but wants to lose a few pounds. He jogs every other day and visits the gym when he can to help himself achieve this. He’s wearing the Nixáre Men’s Midnight Blue Basic Shirt.


Ced said that what he liked about the shirt was that even after jogging; it didn’t feel that it was soaked in sweat. It still felt fairly dry and light.


Also, he appreciated that Nixáre has a size that fits him comfortably as not all sportswear brands offer large sizes that feels relaxing. Speaking of sizes, below is the official size chart for your reference.



Here’s Raffy who’s sporting the Nixáre Men’s Mint Basic Shirt. He also works in the same agency as Nesta, and works part-time as a shutterbug. Outside of work, he’s also football aficionado.


“Football is one exhausting sport, and even after playing for 30 minutes or so, my shirt still felt light”. 


The Nixáre Basics line is just a taste of what you can expect from this up-and-coming Filipino activewear brand. Shorts, leggings, compression, sports bras and bags are the products soon to be introduced to the Nixáre line-up.

To purchase a piece from Nixáre Basics, you can order through their Facebook page  (as seen below). Buy 3 pieces, and you get shipping for FREE!

As a final note: No matter who you are and no matter how high your goals are, you are free to make mistakes on the road to achieving your goals. What is important is you strive in each step needed to achieve these goals. Again, “strive for progress, not perfection.”  I, for one, am glad that there’s a local brand like Nixáre that is run by my fellow young Filipinos who are eager to provide ‘everyday athletes’ products that anyone can use to equip them as they achieve their ambitions.

Follow Nixáre ‘s growth through the ff:


Instagram: @nixare
Viber/Whatsapp: +639052386103



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