Nippiepop: The Newest Must-Have Covers for Your “Twins”

I have never felt comfortable wearing bras. Aside from having small breasts and always feeling like I didn’t “need” them, they can get really tight and uncomfortable. Plus, depending on the color and the brand, they can sometimes be seen under certain shirts. For all of the women who can relate to this, Nippiepop is here!

Nippiepop is made by women for women of all colors and sizes. They want every woman to feel beautiful and confident about themselves by providing essentials that will make them feel comfortable to wear any style they want. And they are super comfortable, I have to say! You can choose between a simple nipple cover or a breast lifter, depending on what you need for the day or what you are most comfortable with. They even have special bundles available!

Nippiepop definitely succeeds at getting rid of that suffocating feeling that usually comes with wearing bras. Their products are ultra-thin and barely feel like they’re there. For maximum coverage, the large surface area is designed to shape and lift the breast for a smoother look! The package is eco-friendly and reusable, too. After use, you can simply store your Nippiepop back in its pouch again.

My favorite part about their products, though, is definitely the fact that they come in different colors so no matter how hubadera your outfit, it’ll look like your natural skin all throughout without ruining your outfit in any way. It’s practically unnoticeable in photos because of it’s matte finish, as well. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any irritation whatsoever. They’re waterproof, too, so you can even go swimming in them. How awesome is that?

Now, you can go braless without any worries! Buy your own Nippiepop products today!




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