Nike Forum Greenhills: Unique Colorways, Rare Shoe Releases – All VIP Style!

Nike Forum Greenhills: Unique Colorways, Rare Shoe Releases – All VIP Style!


When In Manila, shoes are some of the most sought-after products in fashion for both men and women. Even for athletes and sports, shoes are a very big integral part of them. Shopping for shoes has never been simple. We take our glorious time fitting for the comfort, the function and the design. Even basketball shoes have been a great target for fashion. We take our precious time in footwear and apparel stores and it has always been a casual cycle on how about we get our shoes. With Nike Forum however, they take their shopping experience to a “VIP” level. It’s all about you, as the customer in Nike Forum.


Nike Forum Greenhills is entirely different from the other Nike stores. Nike Forum lives up to catering the best service in Nike shopping, giving you a VIP experience, and delivering some of the rarest and latest lines of products and colorways that Nike has to offer.


Nike Forum Greenhills gives a different atmosphere compared to the other Nike stores. You are immediately greeted by the staff, and as quickly as you check-out some products, a staff member is already by your side to quickly assist you. There are even instances when the staff member would follow nearby to assist you right away once you are on a look-out for a certain size, color or seeking for a specific product. It truly is a VIP experience coming into Nike Forum Greenhills


Nike Forum Greenhills also has a “Communtiy Wall” that features an interactive demo of the Nike+Running, and the Nike Training Club application through the iPad. The Community Wall also features videos of current seasonal highlights, live local and NBA basketball games for viewing, announcements regarding news and info about Nike Forum, and registration for sports events!

The Nike Forum Community Wall is open and welcome to all sports organizers and events, may it be running events, basketball leagues, etc., to be utilized as a registration spot for their events, this is just awesome! The Community Wall is something I personally love about Nike Forum, I am an avid sports enthusiast and I love how they are very open to sports organizers and events as a registration spot. It truly is worthy to be called a Community Wall as it builds a great community and brings sports fans together.

Nike Forum Greenhills is also keen on providing perks and discounts for registrants of sports event organizers who will make use of Nike Forum stores as a registration point!


Another specialty of Nike Forum Greenhills is that they have a VIP card where you get specific discounts from Nike Forum as well as Nike Women stores. You are eligible for the Nike Forum VIP card once you complete the stamps on their Nike Forum Track Card. Not only that; Nike Forum will get your email even on the 1st day you get a track card, as well, and will update you of their latest releases every single time! Talk about premium VIP service even when you’re still on your way to getting a Nike Forum VIP card!


I went to Nike Forum Greenhills branch to check out what they have in-store and to get my own pair of new basketball shoes. The service was very “VIP” as always, and their range of footwear was diverse. Nike Forum Greenhills is one of the Nike Forum stores that frequently receives a lot of very limited edition basketball footwear, especially when it comes to the Jordan brand line-up.

I saw a couple of new Air Jordan 5 Retros on display and was really tempted by some of their available colorways. It’s pretty hard to find Air Jordan 5 Retros in different colorways locally, and Nike Forum Greenhills just happens to have them in store! Nike Forum Greenhills was also one of the firsts, if not the first, to recently release the Air Jordan 5 Retro in the local market.


I came out getting the shoes of my choice, which were the LeBron XI Gamma Blue – probably the fastest ever shoe-fitting I have ever done in my life. Service was fast and efficient and you are kept at home by the staff. A job really well done! If buying Nike apparel, I highly suggest heading over to Nike Forum for the best service and choices. For rare and unique colorways and shoes, I suggest heading over to Nike Forum Greenhills as they are usually the 1st to receive unique colorways and shoes. 


When In Manila, check-out Nike Forum Greenhills for your Nike apparel and shoe needs, VIP style! 



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Nike Forum Greenhills


Other branches include Robinsons Magnolia and Harbor Point.

Email: nike.forum@top-inc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NikeForum

Twitter/Instagram: @nikeforumph



Nike Forum Greenhills: Unique Colorways, Rare Shoe Releases – All VIP Style!