NEWS: License Plate Sheets Were Allegedly Stolen During Holy Week

Apparently, this isn’t a pre-April Fools’ joke.

According to the story shared by GMA News Online, the Land Transportation (LTO) confirmed and found out that license plate sheets were allegedly stolen during the Holy Week.

The unfortunate and questionable incident happened at the LTO compound itself on East Avenue, Quezon City.

anong petsa na licensed plate

File photo of a Netizen who poked fun in religiously waiting for the plates since last year.

Due to what happened, the LTO chief Assistant Secretary Robero Cabrera had called the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI’s attention to help investigate the alleged theft incident.

Unfortunately, the Netizens didn’t buy their sorry excuse for not providing their paid-off plates.

Earlier this month, LTO had confirmed that 600,000 license plates arrived in Manila but were allegedly abandoned by a “private importer” and have incurred taxes of about P40 million.

License Plates LTO

Standardized Plates

Initially, the standardization of plates was first introduced last May 2014 to prevent car theft, plate removal, switching, or any car-related incidents. In fact, the LTO has issued a Memorandum Circular No. AVT-2014-1895, January of this year to oblige the vehicle owners to replace their old license plates with the new ones.

LTO’s Timeline

May 2014 – introduction of standardization of plates

March 1, 2016 – 600,000 license plates arrived, yet abandoned by the “importer” and have incurred taxes of about P40 million

March 31, 2016 – apparent theft incident of the license plates

By the looks of it, what could have been a sign of relief for vehicle owners – who are patiently waiting for the new license plates that were already paid for – turned into another waiting game.

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