News: DOLE Aims to Diminish “End of Contract” Rule

The Department of Labor Employment or DOLE is set to sign an order to diminish the “end of contract” in the country, Manila Bulletin reports.

According to the report, the said order is to require all service contractors to get a certification that will prove they don’t practice the illegal form of contractualization.


Moreover, Donald Dee, president of Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) said that his group is one with the government to stop this labor practice. In the coming weeks, he confirms, that the DOLE will finally sign a Department Order that will require ALL service contractors to get Certification of Accreditation (COA) as a proof they aren’t practicing the rampant “endo” practice.

Furthermore, Dee mentioned that DOLE doesn’t have to propose a law about this because it could be implemented through a Department order, which needs to be signed by the Labor Secretary. Currently, the newly installed DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III will have to sign and implement.

Bello III has vowed to end the practice by 2017.

“Endo” also known as “end of contract” is a staple term for employees which is under the 5-5-5 rule, meaning they will be fired after 5 months of being hired.

Meanwhile, Duterte was vocal about this during the campaign.

I remembered he vowed to end it “without compromise.” In fact, it would be one of the things he would rectify if he wins as a president. Hopefully, he remembers it.

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