10 New Travel Essentials to Pack for Your 2024 Trips

Summer is here and we’ve got our eyes set on all the trips we have lined up (and are planning to take) in the next couple of months. Before you pack your bags and set off for that much-needed R&R, though, check out these 10 affordable, game-changing products that you probably have never heard of before or considered taking with you in your travels that we highly recommend you do for 2024!

Field Notes

field notes

You may have your own favorite brand of pocket notebooks, but Field Notes remains to be among the best there is. Durable, functional, and beautifully crafted, Field Notes pocket notebooks can help you jot down notes and ideas in a jiffy, sketch, journal, plan, and draw wherever you may be. They’re also smudge-proof, can withstand any weather (even snow and rain), and can fit in your pocket or small bag. Each pack comes with three notebooks and there are plenty of cover designs to choose from! BUY IT HERE!

Portable Sewing Kit

portable sewing kit shopee

There’s nothing worse than accidentally ripping your clothes or losing a button while traveling, especially when you didn’t pack an extra piece of clothing. This cute portable sewing kit will save you from these awkward moments, complete with thread, bobby pins, a safety pin, a needle, tiny scissors, tweezers, and extra buttons. BUY IT HERE!

Windproof Portable Umbrella

windproof umbrella shopee

A windproof umbrella can withstand any weather and will keep its shape, no matter how hard the winds may blow. Keep yourself protected wherever you go with this portable umbrella! BUY IT HERE.

Compression Packing Cubes

compression packing cubes shopee

We all know that making sure everything fits in our luggage is a daunting task especially when we’ve already planned our outfits for the whole trip. These compression packing cubes are better than normal packing cubes because they save you even more space! All you need to do is press out the air after packing all your clothes inside then zip up the center zipper. BUY A SET HERE!

Solid Perfume

mini solid perfume women

mini solid perfume men

Solid perfumes are fragrances that come in a solid form which makes it easier to pack and bring around while traveling. No need to worry about them spilling in your bag or having to decant them in a smaller spray bottle at home before your trip. These solid perfumes will also last long on your skin but even if you do need to reapply, it’s super easy to do so!



Foot Hammock for the Plane

foot hammock plane shopee

This is a must-have accessory for those who always travel by plane! A foot hammock is a portable footrest that lets you lift your feet off the ground, offering a more comfortable ride in your economy-class seat. It’s super easy to hook up—just place it over your tray table and adjust the straps accordingly. BUY IT HERE!

Phone Mount

mobile phone stand plane shopee

Not all planes have in-flight entertainment for their passengers. With this phone mount, you can clip it to your tray table and watch your videos, movies, or TV shows on your phone to keep the boredom at bay! BUY IT HERE!

Cable Storage Box

cord cable storage box shopee

This isn’t just a box to store your existing cables; this kit has all you’ll ever need to power up all your gadgets while on the go, removing the need for you to carry all your chargers around! It contains a USB-C to USB-C cord with attachable adapters for Micro-USB, USB, and Lightning. BUY IT HERE!

Insertable Bag Organizer

bag organizer shopee

This bag organizer can fit inside your handbag and keep your things tidy and in place! This is the best solution for when your bags don’t have enough pockets inside. BUY IT HERE.

Luggage Cup Holder

luggage cup holder shopee

With this luggage cup holder, you can conveniently keep your hands free while walking around the airport or the city by storing your coffee, water, or any drink you may have in this sleeve that you can insert over your luggage handles. BUY IT HERE.

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