New Power Rangers Mini Movie Is Nothing Like Your Childhood

90’s kids, your childhood is about to be ruined in 3, 2, 1…

Power Rangers Adult

Joseph Kahn, who directed Torque and Detention (and let’s not forget Britney Spears’ My Prerogative music video) has just directed a 14-minute short film with a dark, gritty, and morbid reboot of the well-loved Power Rangers that can either leave you in shock, in awe, or in tears. Power/Rangers stars James van der Beek (who also co-wrote the dirty, dirty script) as the former Red Ranger, while Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff plays Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger, among the other Power Rangers who are now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and turn on each other after an intergalatic battle that leads into a sick and bloody, bloody mess. We also get to see our beloved childhood heroes engage in order non-childlike things like drugs and sex.


There’s an even darker version that is not safe for work that’s currently down, but we’ll give you the link to the safer version while they’re getting the other back up. Still, watch at your own risk:

What do you think of this Power Rangers version?! Did you watch Power Rangers when you were a kid?