New Menu at Dyce N Dyne: More Reasons To Come Back Over and Over!

By now, board game aficionados know that Dyce N Dyne is just the place to be at for some awesome board game fun, with their rad steampunk theme, extensive game selections, and a warm, passionate community that’s ready to pull you in!

Dyce n Dyne When in Manila Board Games Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan-78

And while Dyce N Dyne has had its fair share of snacks with cool concepts to just keep the fun going, the much-loved board game café JUST released a new menu with mouthwatering dishes to try… which just gives you all the more reason to come back!

Take a look at the must-try dishes from their new menu!

5. Croque Madame

Dyce n Dyne 3

This brunch favorite comes in buttered toast, ham, drenched in cheese sauce, sunny side egg yolk, fries, and yellow mustard for that added zing!

4. Crispy Adobo

Dyce n Dyne 7

Another clear favorite! The crispy chicken adobo bites are yummy on their own, but the garlicky rice provide that savory, tasty soy-garlic combination. And the boiled egg gives the flavorful dish a hint of balance. It’s that kind of meal you’d like to have locked up on a rainy day. Total comfort food!

3. BBQ Bacon Burger

Dyce n Dyne 10

Sigh, where do I even begin with this? One look is definitely enough to induce a heart attack from this indulgent burger. Smoky, tangy hickory BBQ burger, a perfectly grilled beef patty with crunchy, toasty bacon, jalapenos — definitely for the meat lovers out there!

2. Crispy Tadyang

Dyce n Dyne 9

One bite of this dish was all it took for our group to fall in love. While it may seem simple in presentation, the flavors really pack a punch. The beef was fall-off-the-bone tender and well-seasoned. The Asian flavors came together well, sesame seeds providing good contrast in texture, and the spicy kick wrapped up this dish well.

1. Kare-Kare Burger

Dyce n Dyne 6

Two words: ANG SARAP. While this might seem an unusual concept, I say, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Rich peanut sauce smothers the tender beef patty, with firm, succulent vegetables (string beans, pechay) on top. But the perfect marriage to this is the bagoong which provides the contrast in flavor. Yum!

Dyce n Dyne drinks

Clockwise: Red Velvet, All-Nighter, Matcha, all four beverages (including Milo Dinosaur)

Aside from their dishes above that just spell total comfort food, Dyce N Dyne offers sweet beverages with a cool chemistry concept, courtesy of Chemistea. While the Red Velvet, Matcha and the Milo Dinosaur are loved flavors, the must-try is the All-Nighter, an insanely caffeine-ridden concoction that’s just so good and so strong, it’s definitely going to keep you up all night!

With this kind of menu, it’s definitely more than enough to keep the fun going at Dyce N Dyne — heck, the food is even good enough for you to come back for it alone.


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