PHOTOS: We’re So in Love With This Magical New “Harry Potter” Makeup Collection!

Watch out, “Harry Potter” fans: there’s a new magical makeup collection that you’ll definitely want in your vanity!

Colourpop Cosmetics is releasing its latest “Harry Potter”-themed collection that’s inspired by the four Hogwarts houses as well as the iconic characters of the fantasy franchise. Here’s everything you can expect from the collection:

colourpop cosmetics harry potter

Back to Hogwarts Pressed Powder Palette – This eyeshadow palette has 24 shades, a mix of mattes, metallics, pressed glitters, and matte sparkles, using the colors of each Hogwarts House. There are warm-toned shades for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, blues for Ravenclaw, and a number of greens and browns for Slytherin. Shade names are also inspired by the Potter world, such as Patronus, Nimbus 2000, Butterbeer, Marauder’s Map, and Golden Snitch. ($34 or ~PHP 1,941)

The Lux Velvet Liquid Lips – These liquid lipsticks come in three shades, nude pink, red-orange, and deep red, and are packaged in different boxes that feature one of the iconic trio, Harry, Hermione, and Ron. ($10 or ~PHP 571)

colourpop cosmetics harry potter eye palette

The Lux Lip Gloss – This lip gloss, which comes packaged in a box featuring Luna Lovegood, has an ultra-cushiony finish with an icy pink shimmer. ($10 or ~PHP 571)

The Fourth Ray Lip Balms – If glosses aren’t your thing, this collection has lip balms too! They come in four colors to represent the four houses and give off different scents: eggnog for Gryffindor, mint for Slytherin, a berry, basil, and vanilla blend for Ravenclaw, and marshmallow and coconut for Hufflepuff. ($10 or ~PHP 571)

colourpop cosmetics harry potter liquid lipstick

colourpop cosmetics harry potter lip balms

Colourpop’s Graphix Ink Liners – Colourpop will also launch new shades of its Graphix Ink Liners to go with the “Harry Potter” theme, and they will come in the bold colors of the Hogwarts Houses. These liners are long-wearing and the finish on the eyes is different depending on which one you pick up. Slytherin and Ravenclaw’s shades are matte while the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor liners are metallic. ($10 or ~PHP 571)

Super Shock Highlighters – Probably the prettiest out of this entire collection, the Super Shock Highlighters look just as celestial on the face as they are in the pan. The three shades, Dobby, Hedwig, and Buckbeak, are said to be super buildable and illuminate under the light. ($12 or ~PHP 685)

colourpop cosmetics harry potter liners

colourpop cosmetics harry potter highlighters

The “Harry Potter” Colourpop Collection launches on the official website on September 8 at 10 AM PT (September 9 at 1 AM Manila time) and at Ulta on September 11.

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