New Food Park Alert: The Vibe Gastro Hub in Quezon City


Nestled in the stretch of Mindanao Ave. In Quezon City lies the newest food park to hit this side of the Metro. Opened last December 2016, The Vibe Gastro Hub has awesome offerings and amenities that leave other food parks in the dust. The Vibe Gastro Hub features a very laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere and caters to a wide range of crowds, from millennials to families with kids. You can even bring along your titos and titas and even lolos and lolas! We went there and experienced the best things The Vibe Gastro Hub has to offer and boy did we really enjoy ourselves!

signageSignages hark back to subway signs of New York

Valet Parking

Anyone who’s brought a car to the various food parks in the Metro has this perennial problem–parking. The Vibe Gastro Hub allows you to enjoy the food park even more by taking care of your parking for you! They have a FREE valet parking service for those who bring their cars along.

dining areaDining area is very wide and spacious; seats are available too at the second floor


Wanna sing your heart out and still get to enjoy great food? The Vibe Gastro Hub allows you to do just that with karaoke rooms able to seat 10 of your friends at a friendly rate of PHP 800/hour. And, with the food stalls just outside, you can order your food and have them delivered to your karaoke room. Besides karaoke, The Vibe Gastro Hub also has a live band performing every Friday and Saturdays.

Food stalls

More than 30 food stalls flank The Vibe Gastro Hub with a wide range of cuisines to sample, including American, Japanese, Mexican fusion, and Japanese. We went on a food coma trying to sample what The Vibe Gastro Hub has to offer. Here are 12 of our favorites:

12. Adobo Station’s Cheesy Adobo

Cheesy Adobo

Love their adobo–it brings me back to the traditional adobo mom used to make at home. The sauce is rich and really awesome to have with rice!

11. Los Vatos Tacos’ Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

Los Vatos Tacos’ Nacho Libre is very light and a departure from the usual beef nachos. Their version is made from chicken so it’s light and an ideal appetizer.

10. Baypoint’s Super Giant Butterfly Squid and Seafood Boodle

Super Giant Butterfly Squid

Seafood boodle

This Super Giant Butterfly Squid is HUGE. I MEAN HUGE! And really good! It’s served standing up on a stick and butterflied with two sauces, vinegar, and a white garlic dip.

Their Seafood Boodle is also a winner. It’s their rendition of paella with shrimps, mussels, and crabs beautifully topping the seasoned paella rice.

9. Wing Vibe’s Signature White Sauce Wings

signature white sauce wings

Perfectly seasoned wings, not dry, and the sauce complements the wings very well! A must-try if you love chicken wings!

8. Burning Hot Plate’s Pork Sisig

pork sisig

Burning Hot Plate’s Pork Sisig is a hark back to the traditional sisig flavor. You can really taste the liver in this, and is beautifully topped with a fresh egg. Squirt a calamansi and stir the sisig whist the plate is still hot and you have a perfect beer match!

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