New Dimensions Art Exhibit: Where Realism and Abstract Cross Paths

To see the beauty in God’s creation is not the only work of an artist. What separates an artist is his ability to immortalize the beauty he sees around him and translate it in his own words for everyone to appreciate.

The message of Pastor Noel Pabiona – that “we are all artists if we are aware enough of the beauty around us” – marked the opening of the New Dimensions Exhibit. Featuring select works of Kim Pamela Co and Ronnie Lim, the exhibit was a celebration of both art and change.

Kim Pamela Co is a fresh graduate who started out as a calligrapher.  She has been doing calligraphy for some time now and her passion for painting came about as a result of her appreciation for art and nature, where she draws her inspiration from.  What started out as animal doodles in her spare time became a collection of watercolor paintings of birds, flora, and many more, with details that perfectly capture the subject of her works.  The colors and attention to detail are so accurate that her works simply reflect realism at its finest. (To see more of her works, visit

New Dimensions 2

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Ronnie Lim is the more seasoned one of the two featured artists. His works have been in 17 exhibits to date, with 9 as solo shows, and his paintings in the New Dimensions exhibit show exactly why he has been such a coveted painter in the scene.  Although known for his style in realism, his recent works reflect his smooth transition to abstract.  Each one of his paintings in the exhibit had a different story to tell, and each evinced a different mood.

New Dimensions 3

New Dimensions 5

The name of the exhibit – New Dimensions – is aptly named for this stage in both of the artists’ lives. For Kim, it is an exploration of her other passions – from calligraphy to realism painting. For Ronnie, it is a step out of his comfort zone – from realism to abstract. The exhibit itself, while providing the space for change and new ventures, also stands as a testament to their personal advocacy and views on what art really is about.

While the advent of technology has opened people’s minds regarding their perception of art and various art events are being set in place; sadly, most still believe that art is only accessible for a certain group of people. For both Ronnie and Kim, art should not be exclusive to a certain group or type of people. Art is for everyone, and anyone can be an artist, as long as one is open to perceiving the beauty around him and to transform it into something immensely captivating and relatable.  It is Ronnie and Kim’s hope that more people will be inclined towards art as a passion and the pursuit of beauty as a way of life.

The New Dimensions exhibit runs from November 3 until November 17 at the Artasia Fine Arts Gallery, 4F, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, where some of the works are for display only while others are for sale.

Admission is free and open to all, so all that’s left is to sink in the richness of the colors, the vividness of the details, and the inspiration impressed upon the viewer to make their own art.

New Dimensions 6

New Dimensions 7

New Dimensions 8

New Dimensions Exhibit

Featuring the works of Kim Pamela Co and Ronnie Lim

Artasia Fine Arts Gallery, 4/F SM Megamall Bldg A

November 3 – 17, 2017