This New Collagen Drink Will Help You Achieve a Glazed Donut Skin

For years, editors, celebrities, and content creators have been vouching for collagen supplements as the secret to their skin’s glow (with the help of a regular skincare routine, of course). 

Everyone knows a good skin day can make or break your mood: if you look good, you feel great! And feeling great is the key to being your best self. But sometimes stress can get the better of you—it’s life, and it happens. It can manifest through eye bags, dark circles, acne, hair fall, and skin dullness. 

naked collagen

What if you could combat all those things without spending your hard-earned pesos on expensive anti-aging products? Bonus: the alternative works for your busy lifestyle because you just have to add it to your water or smoothie!

The award-winning Naked Collagen rejuvenates your skin, helps combat signs of aging, and brings a fun mind-body-beauty experience to your journey to glazed skin, so you can look and feel great every day! 

Give your wallet (and your skin) a break from constantly trying and testing expensive products, and go for Naked Collagen’s quick and delicious drink to bring out your bold and unapologetic self!

naked collagen

Packed with potent ingredients you know and love for visible results

So, what makes Naked Collagen so special? Not only does it taste like your favorite mixed berries gummy candy, it also features a powerful, innovative formula that prevents signs of aging and comes with even more benefits! No wonder it’s already won awards, bagging Gold at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2022 and World Genius Convention & Expo 2022 in Japan.

Introducing the Naked Reawakening Trifecta

The world’s first White Collagen Marine Tripeptide nourishes and moisturizes skin, reduces fine lines and dullness, and boosts collagen production to defend your skin against wrinkle-causing pollutants and maintain its youthful radiance. 

Specially sourced from the Chilean mountains, its UmbrellaV Blackberry Extract protects skin from UVA and UVA rays to prevent premature skin aging, soothes redness to fight skin inflammation, and promotes a healthy brain and gut. 

naked collagen

And last but not least, Vitamin C stops blemishes from popping up and ruining a good day by strengthening your skin barrier to ensure healthy, glowing skin. 

28 fun days of glazed skin

Naked Collagen is quick and easy to prepare: Simply stir a pack of Naked Collagen into water or any other drink of your choice, and you’re ready to go! If you have a busy lifestyle packed with work, life events, and other responsibilities, Naked Collagen is a perfect start to your day, prepping your body, mind, and beauty to take on the world!

Naked Collagen effortlessly fits into your everyday routine, making it easier to maintain and see effective and visible results after 28 days of continuous use. Be boldly confident in your Naked Beauty with Naked Collagen!

Naked Collagen (P999/box of 12 sachets) is available at and official TRIZIE stores at Lazada and Shopee, and Tiktok Shop

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