Netizen Shares Photo of a Truck Driving Along Coastal Road with a Broken Tail Lights

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for in this day and age is the ability for every person to share and spread awareness. For instance, a reader sent us a photo of a truck without brake lights.

Truck at Coastal no brake lights

Source: Carlo Delizo

Here’s his full message:

Just want to share. How dangerous the improvised taillight/signal light of almost all of the trailer trucks here in manila. The only thing securing the said lights are “retaso/ tela”. If that falls off combine with their incredible speed. That is a disaster waiting to happen. Tnx…

According to Carlo, this photo was taken along Coastal Road, a wide and busy road that caters to thousands of cars every day.

Personally, I agree with Carlo. I agree that improvised taillight or signal light is absolutely unacceptable. Let alone, if the vehicle has broken brake lights.

Why is it important to have (working) brake lights?

Answer: Oftentimes, driving with a broken tail or brake light is the reason behind getting rear-ended.

In the US, driving with broken brake or tail lights is an automatic ticket. No questions asked. Unfortunately here in the Philippines, it’s not being taken seriously. Although, it was clearly stated (but hardly practiced by many) in the Land Transportation Office website, that driving without brake lights is considered a violation and has a corresponding charge of P300.00.

LTO brake lights


Interestingly, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA has also included and considered “driving with broken brake lights” a traffic violation.

MMDA brake lights

MMDA brake lights

While driving with proper distance is a mandatory rule, fixing your brake lights is extremely helpful.  These lights are essential so you won’t get rear-ended.

Please, if you want to save your life or someone else’s, fix your brake lights. Driving with no brake lights is rude. Practice road courtesy every.single.time.

On the other hand, If I get paid for counting vehicles with broken brake lights or no brake lights at all, I’d be rich!! 🙂

How many broken brake lights do you see in a day? Share your answers below!